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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

738716 Beauchamp-Ferrers

738716. Earl Thomas de Beauchamp & 738717. Margaret Ferrers

3/16/1338, Thomas born in England, heir & 2nd s/o 624678. Sir Thomas de Beauchamp & 624679. Katherine de Mortimer.

~1350, Margaret born in England, d/o 624672. Sir William de Ferrers & 624673. Margaret de Ufford.

1367, Thomas went to Prussia with his brother William.

1368, Thomas went to Brittany with his brother William.

1368, Margaret a legatee in the will of her father who bequested her his white bed and the furniture with the arms of Ferrers and Ufford on them.

1369, Thomas age 28 and more at his father’s death.

1373, Thomas accompanied John of Gaunt on his march from Calais to Bordeauz.

1373, Thomas appointed a Knight of the Garter.

1376, Thomas an ambassador to Scotland.

4/28/1376, Thomas1 of 4 earls at the Good Parliament.

7/16/1377, Thomas carried the 3rd sword at the coronation of King Richard II [a minor].

1377-78, Thomas Admiral of the North.

1380, Thomas accompanied the Earl of March into Ireland.

1380-81, Thomas a tutor to King Richard II.

Thomas, Earl of Warwick, married Margaret.

1385, in the Scotland campaign Thomas had the largest retinue of 600 archers and 280 men-at-arms.

1386, Thomas a member of the Privy Council.

1387, Thomas 1 of 5 “Lords Appelant”, attempting to separate Richard from his favorites marched on London.

1388, Thomas accompanied King Richard into Scotland.

1397, Thomas mortaged multiple manors for £5,383 to Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham.

1398, Thomas arrested by the king for high treason – taken to the Tower, and then banished and imprisoned for life on the Isle of Man.

8/1399, Thomas liberated by King Henry IV.

10/13/1399, Thomas again carried the 3rd sword at King Henry IV’s coronation.

11/19/1399, Thomas’ lands and titles restored.

4/8/1401, Thomas died.

1/22/1406, Margaret died; both buried at St. Mary’s, Warwick.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P57. (S) Warwick Castle and its Earls, Warwick, 1903.

Child of Thomas and Margaret: [1 son, 2 daughters]

i. Richard Beauchamp (369358), born 2/1381 in Essex, England.