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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

738778 Thorp-Northwood

738778. Sir Edmund Thorp & 738779. Joan de Northwood

~1369, Edmund born in England, s/o 1477556. Sir Edmund Thorpe & 1477557. Margaret de la Rivere.

~1370, Joan born in England, d/o 1477558. Sir John de Northwood.

7/16/1377, Richard II crowned king of England.

2/28/1378, Joan not married; named in her father’s will.

Joan 1st married Roger, 4th Lord Scales, s/o 2955074. Lord Robert de Scales. [1 son, Robert, Lord Scales; 1 daughter, Katherine “Savage”.]

1386, Roger died.

Edmund married Joan. (S) Parishes: Whittlesford, A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: V6, 1978.

1386-7, “Roger de Scales, knight: Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk (includes assignment of dower to his widow Joan, now wife of Edmund de Thorp).” (S) UKNA.

3/3/1388, Pardon, for 20£. Paid to the king, to Edmund de Thorpe, knight, the younger, and Joan, late the wife of Roger de Scales, knight, tenant-in-chief, for intermarrying without licence. (S) CPRs.

1/7/1393, Grant, for life, to Edmund Thorp, because retained to stay with the king for life, of 50 marks a year at the Exchequer.

1/7/1392, Grant, for life, to Edmund Thorp, because retained to stay with the king for life, of 50 marks a year at the Exchequer.

3/1/1392, Commission of array … Edmund de Thorpe the younger … Norfolk. (S) CPRs.

9/3/1392, Inspeximus and confirmation to the mayor and burgesses of Lenn Episcopi, … Witnessed by John de Ingaldesthorp, Edmund de Thorpe the younger, John Lestraunge, … knights, … (S) CPRs.

1393, Edmund heir to his father.

1394, Joan bought Whittlesford from Sir George Muschet.

1397, “The Baliffs this year accounted for certain sums of money … for a grand breakfast made at Norwich for Sir Edmund de Thorp, Sir Rob. De Berneye, Sir Ralf de Shelton, Sir John White, Knts. the sheriff of Norfolk, the mayor of Lyn, and many other nobility and gentry of the city and country, 34s. 7d.” (S) Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, 1806, P114.

4/18/1399, Edmund Thorpe, knight, nominating an attorney for going to Ireland with the king. (S) CPRs. Edmund, “going beyond sea”, he made his will, and gave Ashwelthorpe for life to his wife.” (S) History of the County of Norfolk, V9, 1808.

9/29/1399, Imprisoned Richard II resigned as king of England.

10/13/1399, Henry IV crowned king of England.

12/6/1399, Grant for life t the king’s knight Edmund de Thorp, whom the king has retained for life, of 100 marks yearly … (S) CPRs. [1st granted 11/22/1399 from a different source.]

1401, Sir Edmund held Wittlesford in right of his wife.

4/9/1413, Henry V crowned king of England.

9/30/1413, Edmund’s grant of 100 marks yearly in 1399 confirmed.

1414, the advowson of Great Wrenningham conveyed to Sir Edmund Thorp by the prioress with the consent of the Convent.

1414, Joan wrote her will leaving Wittlesford to Edmund for life: Joan Lady Scales', wife of Edmond le Thorp, Knight, on the Feast of St. Michael ', 1414. My body to be buried in the cemetery of the Parish Church of Ashwellthorpe ; and I bequeath xx£. for the building of my tomb. I will that my debts and legacies be paid out of the rents and profits of the manor of Stonham, if my said Lord will permit; if not, I will that the manor of Cowling be sold, and that the said Edtuond Thorpe have cc marks, if so much remain after fulfilling my will; but if the said legacies, &c. be paid out of the manor of Stonham, then I will that my said husband have the manor of Cowling to him and his heirs for ever. Also I will that my said husband have the manors of Stonham and Wy klyfford for life, with remainder of the said manor of Stonham to Robert Scales, and the heirs of his body; remainder to Lady Katherine Savage for life, remainder to our "daughter Isabella, and to the heirs of her body ; but if she die without issue, then I desire that the said manor of Stonham be sold for pious uses, and for the health of the soul of Lord Scales, my late husband. Also I will that the said manors of Stonham and Wyklyfford be held by my feoffees for one year after my husband Thorpe's death, for the payment of his debts. Also I bequeath the manor of Wyklyfford, after that time, to my daughter, Lady Joan, if living, for three years; with remainder to our daughter Isabella, if alive, for three years ; remainder to my daughter, Katherine Savage 3, for two years ; remainder to Robert Scales, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten ; remainder to our daughter Joan, and the heirs male of her body lawfully begotten; remainder to our daughter Isabella, and the heirs male of her body lawfully begotten. In witness, &c. I have, with the consent of the said Edmorid Thorpe, my husband, affixed my seal. And I, Edmond Thorpe, Knight, having full knowledge of the contents, have, in token of such consent, affixed my seal.

1/4/1415, Joan died.

4/21/1415, Edmund Thorpe, Knight, “having full knowledge of the contents”, proved Joan’s will.

8/1415, Edmund in King Henry V’s force of 10000 landing at the mouth of the Seine.

10/25/1415, Edmund fought at the battle of Agincourt. (S) A Guided Tour of All Saints.

1417, Edmund appointed with John Neville and John Kemp to work a truce between the Duke of Burgandy and Henry V.

10/27/1417, in France, Edmund appointed to a commission of array.

1417, Edmund killed at the siege of Louvier castle, Normandy, France; buried at Ashwelthorpe church with Joan. [Edmund’s effigy has a Collar of Esses, a badge of the house of Lancaster.]

(S) The History of Norfolk, Mason, 1885, P59. (S) Visitation of Norfolk. (S) Testamenta Vetusta, Nicolas, 1826, P184.

Children of Edmund and Joan:

i. Isabel Thorp (369389), born ~1400 in England.

ii. Joan Thorp, born bef. 1414 in England.
Joan married 1st Sir Robert Echingham.
Joan married 2nd Sir John Clifton.