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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sir William Cheyne & Katherine de Pabenham

738780. Sir William Cheyne & 738781. Katherine de Pabenham.

~1340, William born in Cambridgeshire, England.

9/30/1364, Release by William Cheyne to Adam Buset. [Cambridge] (S) UKNA.

6/6/1370, John Denebaud appeared before an inquisition at Montagu, Somerset before William Cheyne. (S) Proc. Somerset Arch & NH, V28, 1883, P142.

2/9/1374, Writing of Walter Paunfeld of Cantebrigge 'goldsmyth,' being a quitclaim … Witnesses: William Cheyne knight, … (S) CCRs.

1376, Katherine born in England, heir & d/o 1477562. Sir Laurence de Pabenham & 1477563. Elizabeth Engaine.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

11/14/1377, Commission to collect the 10th and 15th in the county of Cambridge: William Cheyne, ' chivaler,'. (S) CFRs.

7/10/1381, Mandate to Hugh la Zouche, William de Wyndsore, William de Thorp, John de Burgh, William Cheyne, ... to find and punish trouble makers of the Pesants’ Revolt in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire. (S) The Ties that Bind, Mitchell, 2011, P189.

4/21/1383, William Cheyne on a commission for repair of the Great Bridge at Cambridge. (S) Annals of Cambridge, V1, Cooper, 1842, P126.

6/20/1383, Henry de Charewelton ... chaplains ... granted the manor of Dadlington, Leicester, to William Cheyne, knight, of Long Stanton, his wife Katherine, and the heirs of their bodies. (S) Cal. IsPM, Stevenson, 2002.

8/12/1383, Quitclaim by William Patryk, clerk, to John la Warre, Knt., ... manors of Makeseye, ..., Northamptonshire, ... manors of Histon and Lolleworth ..., Cambridgeshire, ... had by grant and surrender of William de Thorp, Knt. by fines ... Witn. Anketil Mallore, William Cheyne, William Castellare and John Holwell, Knts.; ... (S) UKNA.

10/22/1384, John de Bretby parson of Rampton co. Cantebrigge … Witnesses: … James Pikeryng, William Cheyne knights … (S) CCRs.

12/1/1388, Sir William Cheyne, knight, High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. (S) CFRs.

1390, William Cheyne, William Gascoigne, ... on a commission in the county of Cambridge. (S) CPRs.

11/7/1393, Sir William Cheyne, knight, High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. (S) CFRs.

1394-95, William Cheyne, knight, ... to grant a messuage, marsh, and rent in Ely to the prior and convent of Ely. Camb.(S) UKNA.

[––William & Katherine––]

By 1395, William married Katherine.

1397-8, William, knight, of Cambridgeshire, died.


1399, Katherine, d/o Laurence de Pabenham, received pardon on payment of a fine of 10 Marks, for acquiring two-thirds of Eaton Manor, Northamptonshire, from her father without licence. [Joan’s part continued to be known as Pabenham manor while Katherine’s part became known as Cheyney manor.]

6/1399, Katherine’s father died; the estate split between her and Joan, the widow of her brother Laurence.

6/7/1399, Order to escheators in Northampton and Essex … to take the fealty of Katharine daughter of Laurence de Pabenham, ' chivaler,' and cause her to have full seisin of all the lands which the said Laurence held of the king in chief by the courtesy of England in right of Elizabeth, his late wife, whose daughter and heir the said Katharine is ; as the king, for 1 mark paid in the hanaper. (S) CFRs.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

[––Thomas & Katherine––]

Bef. 12/1399, Katherine married 2nd Sir Thomas Aylesbury. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

7/28/1407, Writ to partition lands of John Pabenham [her younger half-brother]. Kent: Blackstone … Margery wife of Nicholas de Cryoll gave to Elizabeth de Clifford and her heirs by a fine of 1302 [CP 25(1)/99/77, no.544]. Elizabeth was [afterwards] the wife of John de Pabenham. They held, and had a son Thomas, who entered and held these lands as heir of Elizabeth. Lawrence Pabenham, knight, succeeded as son and heir of Thomas. He married Elizabeth Engayne and has issue Katherine wife of Thomas Aylesbury, knight, and she is still living. … Katherine is aged 30 years and more … Thenford, Kent … Hinwick, Bedford … (S) CIsPM.

1412, Tax assessments [not including properties in Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire], show Thomas holding estates worth £129 in right of his wife Katherine. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

7/10/1414, Henry V, king of England To: …; Thomas Colepeper, knight; William Cheyne; …; Hamo Bealknap … Great losses have occurred because the sea defences and land drainage between the port of the town of Rye and the bridge of Bodiam in the counties of Kent and Sussex are not properly repaired and maintained. … assigns them to survey the walls and other defences, … (S) UKNA.

2/24/1415, Peter Hynewky, clerk ... manor and advowson of Blatherwicke, Northampton, granted to Thomas Aylesbury, his wife Katherine, ... held of John Knyvet of the manor of Great Weldon, value £20. (S) Cal. IsPM, Stevenson, 2002.

9/9/1418, Sir Thomas died; leaving the the manor of Bassets assigned to Katherine for her life. [In 1416 Sir Thomas had granted the manor to Sir Thomas Chaworth, husband of his daughter Isabel. In 1459 Sir Thomas Chaworth died seized of the moiety of the manor.]


9/24/1418, IPM at Cambridge of Thomas Aylesbury, Knight: He held the manor of Fen Ditton in right of his wife Katherine, who survives, and by no other right ... value £6 13s 4d. (S) Cal. IsPM, Stevenson, 2002. [In right of his wife he also held Engaynesmaner, Huntingdon, annual fee £6; Pabenhames, 40s; White Notley, Essex, £10; the advowson of Farndish, Bedford, £6 13s 4d.]

Aft. 11/1/1420, Katherine heir to her half-brother John acquiring one moiety of Pabenham manor in Irchester.

7/20/1421, Order to the escheator in the county of Bedford … one Laurence de Pabenham, knight, was lately seised in his demesne as of fee of the manor of Pabenham, co. Bedford … Laurence the son died without heir of his body … afterwards the said Laurence de Pabenham, knight, died, after whose death the reversion of the manor descended to Katharine late the wife of Thomas de Aylesbury, knight, and to Eleanor late the wife of John Tyryngham, as his daughters and heirs … afterwards Eleanor died, after whose death her reversion of a moiety of the manor descended to … Katharine and John Tyryngham (s/o Eleanor) … (S) CFRs.

1428, Katherine siezed of Pabenham manor. (S) BHO, Parishes: Irchester with Knuston.

7/17/1436, Katherine died; leaving as her heir her son Laurence Cheyne, aged 40.

(S) Pytchley, A Hist. of the County of Northampton: V4, 1937. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P190. (S) Visitation of Norfolk.

Child of William and Katherine:

i. Laurence Cheyne (369390), born 1396 in England.

Child of Thomas and Katherine:

i. Eleanor Aylesbury, born 1400 in England.

Eleanor married Sir Humphrey Stafford, Knight, of Grafton, co. Warwick.