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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

William Besyle Esq. & Agnes Asscheley

950530. William Besyle Esq. & 950531. Agnes Asscheley

~1400, William born in Wiltshire, England, heir & s/o 1901060. William Besyll.

~1405, Agnes born in Wiltshire, England, coheiress & d/o 1901062. Robert Asscheley, Esq. & 1901063. Joan Stanes.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

Bef. 6/20/1425, William’s father died.

6/20/1425, “Indented charter of Wm. Besyle son and heir of W. B. of Bradford ; granting to Roger Trewbody, lands, late Rich. Walwayn’s in Troll, or elsewhere, in Hundred Melksham and Bradford..”

~1425, William married Agnes.

5/5/1426, John Twynyho, by mainprise of William Besile, esquire, and John Gyles, both of the county of Wilts, ... (S) CFRs.

11/10/1436, Thomas Ynge to … lands, rents and services in Funtell Gyffarde co. Wiltesir, …  Witnesses: John Stourton, William Beauchamp, … knights, William Darell, …, William Besyle esquires. (S) CCRs.

4/3/1437, “Indented Charter … close of the Abbess of Shaftesbury … Wit., Thos. Hall, Wm. Besile, Nicholas Hall, …”.

12/23/1439, Title deed. (i) Elizabeth, formerly wife of Walter Beauchamp, kt., and Richard Beauchamp, clerk to (ii) William Besyle, esq., merchant, of Wiltshire. Declaration of conditional release from a bond, on condition of peaceful possession by (i), their assigns and tenants, of all lands, tenements, ..., in Woderowe in the parish of Melksham, lately purchased from (ii), to be granted by (ii) and by Agnes, his wife. (S) UKNA.

11/1/1441 in London, William Besyle, esq., of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, made bond with John Dalden for £12. (S) CP40/737.

1445, Deed relating to land, etc., in West Ashton, Rodeshawe and Bradford. Signed in Brixton Deverill. Parties: John Lyveden, William Besyle, Walter Bayly, clerk, Robert Symmys. (S) UKNA.

3/15/1448, Charter of Feoffment. William Besyle of the County of Wiltes', Esq, and Agnes his wife; to John Gyllard' and Richard Haddon': ... ten. and garden. ... William Prelat and Joan his wife are lawfully seised on the day of presents of two shops within the ten. at the front on the street, with two solars above and a cellar beneath; but the topmost rooms over the Prelats' solars, and all other buildings within the tenement, belong wholly to it. (S) UKNA.

3/16/1448 at Bristol, William Besyle of the County of Wiltes', Esq, husband of Agnes, daughter and heiress of Joan Assheley late wife of Robert Assheley, daughter and heiress of [John] Stanes; to Richard Haddon': In the same property [the lane called Throghhouse] of which on the day of the presents Haddon' alone stands seised. Warranty. "Margaret Asscheley, daughter and an heiress of Joan late wife of Robert Asscheley, sometime of the parish of Bradford' in the County of Wiltes', Esq, deceased." (S) UKNA. [The record says “Richard”, but John’s will names the identified properties which are left to his daughter Joan.]

4/1448, John Gellard', clerk, and Richard Haddon', merchant, of Bristoll', querents; William Besyle and Agnes his wife, deforciants. Of a messuage in Bristol. Cons. £20 sterling. (S) UKNA.

12/7/1450, Commitment to the office of the escheatry in the counties of Southampton and Wilts, to William Besyle, esquire; during pleasure, so that he answer at the Exchequer for the issues thereof. (S) CFRs. [Served 1 year.]

4/1455, At Westminster ... between William Dodesham, ... querents ; and Thomas Halle esquire and William Besyle esquire, and Agnes his wife daughter of Robert Assheley deforciants ; for ten messuages, three tofts, a hundred and ninety-eight acres and one rood of land, forty-six acres of meadow, ... in Est Chilton, Pegenesse, Canyngton, Northboure, Donewere, Briggewater and Honespill. ... they quit claimed for themselves and the heirs of Agnes; for this William Dodesham gave them two hundred marcs of silver. (S) Feet of Fines, Somerset, 1906.

3/1/1458 at Lavyngton Bishops, co. Wilts. Lease for 3 lives. Witnesses: Sir John Beynton, Knt., Henry Long, William Besyle, Nicholas Halle, ... (S) UKNA.

6/28/1461, Edward IV, age 19, replaced Henry VI as King of England in London. [1st Yorkist King, after King Henry VI captured at the Battle of Northampton.]

1479, William, of Bradford, died.

(S) Bradford-on-Avon, Jones, 1907, P246. (S) The Wiltshire Arch. and Nat. Hist. Mag., 1859, P367.

Family notes:

·         There is also a William Besyle, the younger, with wife Matilda/Maude, in Wilts, and associated with the manors of Chippenham, Shuldon, Lollydon and Bydeston, active at this time. [Likely son and heir of Peter Besyle, Knight.]

Children of William and Agnes:

i. Margaret Besill (475265), born ~1427 in Wiltshire, England.

ii. Cecilia Besill (475281), born ~1432 in Wiltshire, England.