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Thursday, May 27, 2010

950594 Henry Retford

950594. Sir Henry Retford

1354, Henry “Ratford” born in England.

Henry of Carlton Paynell, Irby-on-Humber, and Killingbourne, Lincolnshire, Knt.

1385, Henry “retained” for military service by King Richard II, ordered to attend the King in Scotalnd for 40 days.

4/12/1386, Henry obtained letters of general attorney because he was accompanying the Duke of Lancaster to Spain.

1392-3, 1397-8, 1406-7, Henry Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

4/11/1396, Henry received letters of protection when chosen as a member of an Anglo-French embassy to the rival papal courts of Avignon and Rome.

12/1/1398, “Henry Retford, knight, Sheriff, replies that he has imprisoned John Stowe in Lincoln prison.” (S) UKNA.

Henry “retained” for military service by King Henry IV.

1/1401 Sir Henry de Retford M.P. for Lincolnshire.

9/1402 Sir Henry de Retford M.P. for Lincolnshire and elected Speaker of the Commons.

10/26/1402, Henry listed as a member of the Privy Council of “Nicole”.

10/1404 Sir Henry de Retford M.P. for Lincolnshire.

1405, Henry summoned to a meeting of the Privy Council.

6/4/1405, As King Henry IV conquered rebellion in Yorkshire, he arrived at Bishopthorpe, naming a new commission to oversee the area adding Henry Retford, replacing Richard Norton. (S) History of England Under Henry the Fourth, Wylie, 1894, P231.

1409, Henry died.

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Child of Henry and ?:

i. Elizabeth Retford (475297), born ~1400 in England.