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Thursday, May 27, 2010

950624 Martyn-Farrington

950624. Sir William Martyn & 950625. Isabel Farringdon

~1430, Isabel born in England, d/o §Thomas Farringdon of Tincleton.

William, knight-banneret.

Aft. 1485, Sir William Martyn received a license from Henry VII: “to enclose 160 acres of a deer park and to build a battlemented house with towers” – the estate of Athelhampton.

1492, William a wealthy merchant, ship owner, and Lord Mayor of London.

9/21/1493, “Saturday the Feast of St. Matthew [21 Sept.], 9 Henry VII. [A. D. 1493], in the presence of William Martyn, the Mayor, Thomas Fitz William, Knt., the Recorder, …, Aldermen, and very many Commoners summoned to the Guildhall for the election of Sheriffs …”.

2/18/1494, “… ordinance by Ralph Astry, Knt., the Mayor, …, William Martyn, Knt., …, Aldermen, sitting in full Court in the Inner Chamber of the Guildhall, …”.

6/25/1494, “… came the Wardens and other good men of the Art or Mistery of Whitebakers, and prayed that a certain penalty might be imposed on foreign bakers … Sir William Martyn, Mayor …”.

1/14/1503, William died.

(S) Proc. of the Nat. Hist. and Antiq. Field Club, P198. (S) Calendar of letter-books of the city of London: Edward IV-Henry VII, 1912.

Family note:
• Established in England by Martin of Tours, a general in the army of William the Conqueror, the Martyn family held lands at the beginning of the 13th century in both Dorset and Wales.
• In Athelhampton manor, the 15th Century Ham-stone fireplace bears the monkey crest of Sir William Martyn, and the Faringdon unicorn of his first wife.

Child of William and Isabel:

i. Christopher Martyn (475312), born ~1450 in England.