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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sir William Martyn & Isolda Farringdon

950624. Sir William Martyn & 950625. Isolda Farringdon

~1440, William born in Dorset, England, s/o 1901248. Thomas Martyn.

~1440, Isolda born in England, d/o §§Thomas Farringdon of Tincleton, Dorset.

6/28/1461, Edward IV, age 19, replaced Henry VI as King of England in London.

[––William & Isolda––]

By 1466, William married Isolda, who was seised in fee of the manors of Tyncleden and Wynterbourne Germyn [Dorset]. (S) IPM of William Martyn, Knight.

7/20/1470, Grant to John Newborough and William Martyn of 100 marks yearly from Easter last from the manors and lordships of Batheneston, ..., co. Somerset. (S) CPRs.

11/1/1473, “Deed of gift. … dean of the Cathedral church of St Peter, Exeter … tenement and garden in the city of Exeter lying in the parishes of St Martin and St Stephen, … Robert Gyffard, William Martyn clerk, John Oryng, and … Witnesses: John Denys of Orlegh, John Orchard, …” (S) UKNA.

1473, 1476, William, Collector of Customs and Subsidies in Poole. [Which his son Christopher would also hold.]

4/27/1483, Commission ... to assess certain subsidies granted to the late king ... Thomas, narquess of Dorset, ... Nicholas Latymet, knight, ... William Martyn, in the county of Dorset. (S) CPRs.

6/26/1483, Richard III succeeded Edward V as King of England.

8/22/1485, Henry Tudor [VII] succeeded Richard III as King of England at Battle of Bosworth Field.

9/14/1485, William heir to his father.

10/28/1486, ‘Writ imperfect; inq.’ for Thomas Martyn, esq.  … demised the under-mentioned manors to him for life, with remainder to William his son, and his wife Iseult, and the heirs and assigns of William. Somerset: The manors of Forham and Wandstree, with their appurtenances in Shepton Malet and Wandstree, …; worth respectively 6 marks and 10 marks. … William Martyn, aged 40 and more, is his son and heir. Dorset: Manor of Athelhampston, worth £30, held of the Prior of Christ Church, Twyneham, co. Hants, in socage, by the rent of a rose … (S) CIsPM.

10/2/1489, Charter of Joan Dyer, made to John Frenche ... Witnesses, John Wylyams, Robert Polyn, Bailiffs, William Martyn, Esq., Steward, ... Dorchester. (S) Dorchester Transcription of Wills, 1908.

5/18/1490, William Martyn, William Basket, Christopher Martyn and Thomas Moleyns, were seised ... manor of Normanton ... (S) CIsPM.

By 1493, William knighted.

1493, Sir William Martyn began the gatehouse at his manor. (S) Gatehouse, Athelhampton Hall.

11/5/1495, Sir William Martyn received a license from Henry VII: “to enclose 160 acres of a deer park and to build a battlemented house with towers” – the estate of Athelhampton, parish of Pidelton, Dorset.

Isolda died before William.


2/24/1500, Charter of John Sage, ... Witnesses, William Martyn, Steward, ... Dorchester. (S) Dorchester Transcription of Wills, 1908.

William married 2nd Christina, d/o Sir William Paulet of Hinton St. George. (S) Some Dorset Manor Houses, Heath, 1907, P12.

3/1502, A  general pardon to William Martyn of Athelhampton, co. Dorset, knight.

1/14/1503, William, Knight, died.

10/28/1507, IPM of William Martyn, Knight. Isolda late the wife of William Martyn, knight, was seised in fee of the manors of Tyncleden and Wynterbourne Germyn [Dorset] at the time of her marriage to the said William. They had issue Christopher Martyn, and after Isolda’s death William held himself in the manors for life by the courtesy of England. Also at the time of his death the said William was seised in fee of the under-mentioned manor of Athelhampston &c., and lands &c. in Brodewey. All the foregoing descended to Christopher Martyn, son and heir of William and Isolda aforesaid, who is seised thereof in fee. Before his death the said William was seised in fee of the manor of Slepe and lands &c. in Lychet Mynster, Pudell Bryan, Wey Bayhouse, Wey Hamondevyle and Pole, and granted them by indented charter to Hugh Oldam, clerk, John Poulett and Amyas Poulet, knights … to the use of the said William Martyn during his life, and after his death … to the use of Christina, late the wife of the said William, until Richard Martyn, son of the said William and Christina, should reach the age of 24 years … to the use successively of Elizabeth Martyn, daughter of William and Christina, … Christopher Martyn and the heirs of his body, and the right heirs of William … He died on Sunday before the Annunciation, 19 Henry VII. Christopher Martyn, his son and heir, was then 26  [36?] years of age. (S) CIsPM. [Robert (b.1507), s/o Thomas, s/o Christopher.]

(S) Proc. of the Nat. Hist. and Antiq. Field Club, P198. (S) Dorset Ancestors, 3/17/2013.

Family note:

·         In Athelhampton manor, the 15th Century Ham-stone fireplace bears the monkey crest of Sir William Martyn, and the Faringdon unicorn of his first wife.

·         Note: There is also a William Martyn, knight, of London contemporary. He died a year after this William. Both left wills, but the William in London wrote his in 1503, proved 1504. The William of London was also “Master of the Skinners Company” and an Alderman. There is no known relation. Multiple sources conflate the 2 different persons.

Child of William and Isolda:

i. Christopher Martyn (475312), born 1467 in Dorset, England.

Child of William and Christina:

i. Robert Martyn, born ~1500 in Dorset, England.