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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reginald Tretherff Esq. & Margaret St. Aubyn

950652. Reginald Tretherff Esq. & 950653. Margaret St. Aubyn

~1410, Reginal born in Cornwall, England, s/o 1901304. John Tretherff & 1901305. Joan Trenowyth.

1/1415, Margaret born in London, England, coheir & d/o 1901306. John St. Aubyn & 1901307. Katherine Chalons. (S) The English Baronetage, V1, 1741, P544. [Born at the abbey of the minoresses of St. Clare outside Aldgate.]

10/14/1418, Margaret’s father died.

12/11/1419, Commitment to Robert Chalons, knight, … of the keeping of two-thirds of the manor of Tregony, co. Cornwall, late of John Seyntaubyn, esquire, who held of the king in chief on the day of his death, the same being in the king's hand by the death of the said John and by reason of the minority of Joan and Margaret, his daughters and heirs. (S) CFRs. [Robert Chalons is Margaret’s maternal grandfather.]

11/16/1420, Commitment … of the keeping of all the messuages, lands … held by Thomasia late the wife of John Denys, deceased, … of Joan and Margaret, the daughters and heirs of John Seintaubyn and minors in the king’s ward, … (S) CFRs.

8/31/1422, Henry VI, and infant, succeeded Henry V as King of England.

1426-32, Plaintiffs: William Trevelles, clerk, treasurer of Exeter Cathedral. Defendants: Reginald Tretherff. Subject: Services due in Trevaythen?; and assault on petitioner's bailiff. Cornwall. (S) UKNA.

[––Reynold & Margaret––]

10/25/1428 at Tretherf, Devon, IPM of Joan wife of Thomas Pomeray, knight. She died on 8 December 1423. Joan wife of Otes Bodrugan is her kin and one of her next heirs as one of the daughters of John Seyntaubyn her son, and aged 17 and more. Margaret wife of Reynold Tretherf is her kin and other next heir as the other daughter of John Seyntaubyn , and aged 13 and more. (S) E-CIPM, 23-246.

7/1430, Counterpart if demise by John Tretherf, esquire, to to Richard Herry and Joan his wife, ... in the town of Truruburgh ... Witnesses William Brodugan, knight, ... Reginald Tretherf, ... (S) Cat. of Ancient Deeds, 1902, P484.

6/14/1431, Reginald Tretherf son of John grants to John his father, Reginald Tretherf, clerk, …, Robert Tretherf, Richard Oliver, clerk, Thomas Treuthgans, …, his manors of Argallas, Trewynyon, Brongolowe, Seyntgerent and Penlen in Cornwall, manors of Comberale, Strete Rale, and Deandeport in Devon and manor of Alveston in Somerset. (St. Enoder). (S) UKNA.

~1435, Reginald married Margaret. (S) Parochial Hist. of Cornwall, V2, Polsue, 1868, P385.

2/15/1436, Feoffment by John Knol to John Tretherf, esquire, and Joan his wife, of all lands ... in the town of Knol, to wit the whole town of Knol; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of John. Witnesses: William Bodrugan, knight, Reginald Tretherf, ... esquires, ... [Cornwall] (S) Cat. of Ancient Deeds, 1902, P513.

7/12/1436 at Brodugan, Conditions of feoffment. Wm. Bodrugan, Kt. ... 2 Ld. Humph, Duke of Gloucester, Walter Ld. of Hungerford, Kt, Thos Arundell, Kt, ..., Jn. Tretherff, Wm. Nevyll, esq, ... Wits.: Jn. Trerys, Kt, Remfrey Arundell, Jn. Basset, Reg. Trethereff, Jn. Petyt, esqs. (S) UKNA. [Father & son in this record.]

2/13/1441, Anne daughter of John Basset esquire to John earl of Huntyngdoun and count of Ivory, … Witnesses: William Bonvile knight, Thomas Carmynowe, Nicholas Carmynowe, Reynold Tretherf, …, Robert Hille, … (S) CCRs.

8/6/1443 at Trevelyn, Cornwall, IPM of Thomas Arundel, Knight. Jurors: John Trenewyth, esquire ; Reynold Tretherf, esquire … (S) Mapping the Medieval Countryside.

1444-5, Reginald’s father died.

4/20/1445, Acquittance by William Clerk and Dame Philippa his wife, late the wife of William Bodrygan, knight, to Reginald Tretherf, esquire, for 44s 5.75d for a reilef on the death of John Tretherf, esquire, for tow parts of a knight’s fee in Trevylwyth, Trenpoll ... which he held of them as of their manor of Tretheke. (S)

1447, Margaret and her sister Joan coheiresses to their maternal 1st cousin John Chalons, who had inherited the family estates.

11/6/1450, “… One close of land in Slade … Wtn: Jn. Trenowyth, esq., Reginald Tretherff, esq., …”. (S) UKNA.

5/2/1452, Indenture being a grant by Reginald Tretherff, esquire, to John Glyn, ... co. Cornwall, for counsel rendered him by the said John. (S) Cat. of Ancient Deeds, 1902, P502.

5/25/1453, “Debtor: Reginald Trethyrf of Cornwall, esquire. Creditor: William, lord Bonville of Chewton. Amount: £500.” (S) UKNA.

11/15/1453, “Debtor: Reginald Tretherff, esquire, and Thomas Nauswidan, gentleman. Creditor: Richard Penpons (1048582). Amount: £70.” (S) UKNA.

9/13/1456, Robert Udy clerk to Thomas Treuthgans … Witnesses: Reginald Tretherf, esquire, …, Richard Tregoos, … (S) UKNA.

6/28/1461, Edward IV succeeded Henry VI as King of England.

Bef. 5/8/1464, Reynold, of Trethurff in Landrake, Cornwall, died; “Thomas Bere, Sheriff, replies that Reginald Trethyrf is dead.”. (S) UKNA, C 131/239/1.

(S) The Genealogical Magazine, 1900, P555.

Family notes:

·         12/1480, John Tretherff, armiger, sued Thomas Glasen for breaking into his closes at Seynt Elven, Trewoen [the pleadings name his father as Reginald, his father as John, and his father as Reginald.] (S) The Genealogist, V20, 1904, P89.

Child of Reynold and Margaret:

i. John Trethurffe (475326), born ~1440 in Cornwall, England.