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Thursday, May 27, 2010

950672 Robert Walshe

950672. Robert Walshe & 950673. Elizabeth ?

10/3/1495, Robert Walshe gave the manors of Felton, Lyllesdon and Wrantage (near Currey Mallet), and land in Stowey, to Thomas Walshe, his son, and Margaret, wife of the said Thomas, and the heirs of Thomas, who were and are seised thereof according to fee.

4/10/1496-7, Robert Walsche, father of Thomas, died seised in fee of 6 messuages &c. in Lillisdon, North Curry and Stowey, and by his charter … granted to the said Thomas and Margaret, his wife, daughter of John Boler, esquire, and the heirs of Thomas. Margaret survived her husband, and was sole seised in fee of her property until her death.

Elizabeth Walsche, mother of the said Thomas, is seised as of free tenements of 10 marks yearly rent issuing from the manor of Catteanger and all the other under-mentioned messuages and lands &c. in Catteanger, Stowey, Lillesdon, North Currey, Fifete and Felton, by assignment of the said Thomas, in allowance of all her dower of the free tenement of Robert Walsche, late her husband.

Child of Robert and Elizabeth:

i. Thomas Welsshe (475336), born ~1465 in England.