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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lord Hugh Champernoun & Alice Boys

950688. Lord Hugh Champernoun & 950689. Alice Boys

11/24/1417, Hugh born in Devon, England, heir & s/o 1901376. Richard Champernoun & 1901377. Isabel Bonville.

1/20/1420, Hugh age 2 when his father died.

~1420, Alice born in England, heir & d/o §John Boys of Woode.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

7/1423, King Henry VI presented (not personally) to Modbury during the minority of Hugh.

3/1429, Hugh Champernon, lord of Modbury, (through his guardian) presented William Benselyn, to Modbury. (S)  Royal Comm. On Hist. Manuscripts, 1883, P352.

1436-37, Hugh, MP for Barnstaple.

4/7/1437, Hugh a witness to an appointment of John Shuter as his attorney.

By 1437, Hugh married Alice. (S) Gentleman’s Mag., V25, 1901, P251. [Fonthill, “Champernowne, and on an escutcheon of pretence, Boys–Argent, a chevron gules between three cockatrices sable”, for Hugh Champernowne, of Modbury, Esq., (son of Richard), and Alice, his wife, daughter and heir of John Boys.]

1442, Modbury priory dissolved by Henry VI.

12/8/1443, Hugh, of Modbury, Devon, wrote his will. [Alice the executrix.]

Bef. 1/10/1444, Hugh died. (S) Will proved.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P273. (S) Visitations of Devon, V1, Vivian, 1895, P162.

Family notes:

·         The name of this ancient family was originally De Campo Arnulphi, … in the reign of Henry VIII., they were called Campernulph. … sometimes spelt Champernon, and Champernowne. … Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, calls the daughter of De Okeston, in a deed, sister. Sir Richard Champernowne, the son, had a grant of Modbury, … Sir Richard, son of the Sir Richard, married a co-heiress of Valletort, of North Tawton; his son, Sir Thomas, the heiress of Rohant. Sir Richard, son of Sir Thomas, had by his first wife, Alexander Champernowne, who married the heiress of Ferrers, and settled at Beer Ferrers. The heiress of his son, who was then representative of the family, married Lord Willoughby de Broke. By his second wife, Sir Richard had two sons, Richard Champernowne, of Modbury, and John Champernowne, … Hugh Champernowne, of Modbury, son of Richard, married the heiress of Boys; his son William, the heiress of Chiderlegh. (S) Magna Britannia, V6, Devonshire, 1822, Gentry.

Children of Hugh and Alice:

i. William Champernowne (475344), born 1438 in England.

ii. Thomas Champernoun, born ? in England.