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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lord Reginald de Aslacton & Matilda Bozun

1249680. Lord Reginald de Aslacton & 1249681. Matilda Bozun

Bef. 1256, Reginald born in England, s/o 2499360. Sir Simon de Aslacton & 2499361. Matilda ?.

~1262, Matilda born in England.

By 1268, Reginald’s father died.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

1273, Reginald de Alsaction in the Hundred Rolls for Notts.

1277, Reginald a juror in the IPM of the estate of Thomas de Mellys at Wyverton.

1278, Appointment of ... to take the assize of novel disseisin arraingned by Elias son of Hugh de Thorlaston against Reginald de Aslacton and Robert son of Richard de Thorlaston, touching a tenenment. (S) 47th Rpt. of Dep. Keeper, 1886, P365.

1280, “Reginald de Aselacton, … Geoffrey le Botyller, … hold 1 knight’s fee in Byrton, Gedling, Stokis …”

1281, Reginald a juror in the IPM of Alice de Bottlesford at Bengham, Notts.

1284-5, Reginald and Richard de Barrie held the town of Tollerton, Notts., for one fee from the heirs of Robert de Veteri Ponte, the same held of the king. (S) Feudal Aids, V4, 1906, P92.

1287, Reginald de Haslacton held in Carleton, and Colwick [Notts.], of Robert de Everinghan, the 6th part of a knight’s fee, valued at 5 marks.

1289, John Barry, of Torlaston, claimed against Reginald de Aslacton 28 Bovats of Land, 28 Acres of Meadow, and 10 Mess. in Torlaston [Notts.]. (S) Antiquary Mag., V21, P101.

1293, Reginald de Aslacton a witness to a grant by John, the son of Robert de Cantelupe of land in Wodeburge [Woodborough]. (S) Thornton’s Hist. of Notts., V3, 1796.

1300, Walter de Goushull, and Reginald de Aslacton, collectors of scutages [Notts.] (S) Thornton’s Hist. of Notts., V3, 1796.

1301, Reginald died.


1302-3, Ralph Barry and Matilda, wife of Reginald de Aslacton held in Torlaxton one knight’s fee. (S) Inq.’s and Assess.’s, V4, 1906, P101.

7/7/1307, Edward II succeeded Edward I as King of England.

1308, “Matilda of Aslacton” mentioned in a charter.

Matilda died.

1346, Simon and James Barry held one fee in Torlaston which “Master Ralph Barry and Matilda who was the wife of Reginald de Aslacton formerly held.”

(S) A Reappraisal of the Medieval Ancestry of the Cranmers of Aslacton, Matthew Hovious, 2008.

Family notes:

·         Ralph Bozun (Bosun) … gave to Reginald, son of Simon de Aslacton, 22s. yearly Rent, out of Thurverton, and Skerington (Notts.), with Maud, his sister, in frank Marriage. (S) Hist. of Nottinghamshire, V1, Thoroton, 1790.

Children of Reginald and Matilda:

i. Reginald de Aslacton (624840), born bef. 1284 in England.

ii. Nicholas de Aslaction, born ? in England.

Child: Margaret de Aslacton, born in England. Margaret married William Durant.

iii. William de Aslaction, born ? in England.

1/29/1320, Debtor: William de Aslacton, of Newark [Newark Wapentake, Notts.]. Amount: 10m. (S) UKNA.

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