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Thursday, June 3, 2010

G21: 1249696

1249696. Richard de Thorp

~1250, Richard born in England, s/o 2499392. Sir John de Thorp & 2499393. Elizabeth ?.

1295, Elizabeth, widow of Sir John Thorp to Richard de Thorp, son and heir. All claims to dower lands etc. in Thorp, Neuwerk, Stokis and Binington, and acquittance for £10 and bond to spend it in building. Given at Newerk, Eve of St. Thomas.

1310, Sir Wm. De Galmethorp, chaplain of Thorp … except to Rich. De Thorp, Lord of T., or with his consent.

1314-15, Rich. de Thorp next Stok. Granted land at Newark to Richard le Neubakster.

1317, Richard de Thorpe certified to be a lord of a Villa.

1318, Richard demised some land in Stoke and Thorp.

(S) A Reappraisal of the Medieval Ancestry of the Cranmers of Aslacton, Matthew Hovious, 2008.

Child of Richard and ?:

i. Stephen de Thorp (624848), born in ~1275 England.

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