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Thursday, June 3, 2010

G21: 1270144

1270144. Lord John Biccombe & 1270145. Isolda Crowcombe

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~1320, John born in England, s/o 2540288. Robert Biccombe.

1333, Isolda [aka “Iseult”] born in Crowcombe, England, s/o §Simon Craucumbe, Junr.

4/24/1346, “John Ledderde the younger, appointed ‘Sire Roberd Viker de Tymberscomb’ to deliver seisin to John de Bykcomb: his land in Bykcomb”. [A “seisin” is a freehold (held in fee or for life) estate - at one time land could only be held in seisin, because all land was owned by the reigning sovereign.]

Isolda’s father died.

1350, Isolda, age 16 and more, heiress to her uncle, older brother of her father of the same name.

1350, the manor of Broomfield was in the possession of John of Biccombe, lord of the manor of Biccombe, in the parish of Timberscombe.

1352, John married Isolda. “Savage records that in the reign of Edward III (1327-1372) the family greatly increased their land possessions, by the marriage of John de Biccombe with Isolda, daughter and heiress of Simon de Crocombe.” [This marriage marks a turning-point in the history of the Biccombe family. Thereafter their ancestral home was regarded Biccombe as secondary to a larger property on the Quantocks. Their descendants have lived at Crowcombe for the better part of six centuries.]

1354, “John de Biccombe held his first court for the moiety (half) of the manor of Crocombe which from him was called Crocombe-Biccombe, the prioress of Studley holding the other moiety. He was also lord of the manor of Broomfield, in right of his wife.” (S) History of Carhampton, Somerset, Publ. 1830, James Savage.

3/26/1354, The rector of Enmore and John of Biccombe bound themselves to the Bishop of Bath and Wells in the sum of 40 shillings. On the same day, they bound themselves to him in 100 shillings apiece and furthermore granted to him and his heirs 10 shillings a year out of the rector’s lands at Broomfield and Enmore, and the like out of lands at Crowcombe and Timberscombe. On the same day, Iseult the wife of John of Biccombe received episcopal license to spend the next 5 months in the priory at Canngton.

1359, Iseult and John of Biccombe were sued for disseising the parson of Crowcombe of his common of pasture.

(S) Notes and Queries for Somerset and Dorset, V6, 1899, P51.

Child of John and Iseult:

i. Robert Biccombe (635072), born ~1354 in England.

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