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Thursday, June 3, 2010

G21: 1269952

1269952. Sir John Malet & 1269953. Elizabeth De Kingston

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~1308 John born in Enmore, Somerset, England, s/o 2539904. Baldwin Malet & 2539905. Hawise Ralegh.

~1310 Elizabeth born in Enmore, Somerset, England, d/o §Sir John De Kingston.

1338, John’s father Sir Baldwin made his marriage arrangement to Elizabeth.

2/13/1342, Commission of oyer … to Hugh de Courteneye, earl of Devon, … John Malet, knight, … [~100 others listed] … broke the pound and took away the cattle … (S) CPRs.

1343, John succeeded his father; receiving Enmore manor.

1346, John confirms to his brother Baldwin land granted to him by their mother.

1348, Sir John Malet had George, son and heir of Robert Lovel, in ward.

~1349 John died.

(S) A History of the County of Somerset, V6, 1992. (S) Sir A.M.'s MSS., Vol. I, Sup. II.

Family notes:
• Of the 4 children shown only Baldwin is mentioned in “Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family”, by Arthur Malet, published in 1885. The main source for the other 3 is Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica, V I, PP243-8.
• There are several persons of the name John de Kingston, and of high standing, that might be this Sir John, including a Sir John that in 1300 was sent to be the Constable of Edinburgh castle and Sheriff of the county.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

i. Baldwin Malet (634976), born ~1339 in Enmore, Somerset, England.

ii. John Malet, born ~1341 in Enmore, Somerset, England.
4/14/1385, “Debtor: Balwin Malet, knight … and John Malet of Somerset …: John Talbot, Mayor of Exeter; William Gambon, Clerk.” (S) UKNA.

iii. Hawise Malet, born ~1343 in Enmore, Somerset, England.

iv. Constantine Malet, born ~1345 in Enmore, Somerset, England.

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