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Sunday, June 20, 2010

G21: 1901060

1901060. William Besyll

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4/4/1403, William Besyll was notified by Westminster, after the deaths of Sir William Asthorpe and King Richard II, with Humphrey de Stafford, knight, William Stourton, Thomas Bonham, and the sheriff of co. Wilts. to, “inquire concerning the information that much waste, ruin, dilapidation and destruction has many times been committed as well in the castle and barton or manor of Marlborough.” (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

12/4/1403, “Debtor: John Lewston, merchant, of Dorset. Creditor: William Besyle, merchant of [Salisbury] Wilts. Amount: £200, for divers merchandise bought from him.” (S) UKNA.

1405-6, “Grantor: Sir William Cheyny, knight. Grantee: Sir Walter Hungerford, knight, William Besile …” (S) UKNA.

1409, At Westminster in the morrow of All Souls between William Besill and William Poulet querents ; and Richard Biccombe and Margaret his wife deforciants ; for the manors of Craucombe and Bromfeld. (S) Somerset Record Society, 1906, P31.

1/15/1414, “Wm. Botyler and John Mascall, Clerk, … Witn., Walter Hungerford, Wm. Chayny, Kts., Wm. Besile, Reginald Halle, …”. (S) Bradford-on-Avon, Jones, 1907, P245.

Bef. 6/20/1425, William, of Bradford, died.

Child of William and ?:

i. William Besyll (950530), born ~1400 in England.

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