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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Count William Bourchier & Countess Anne of Woodstock

1901432. Count William Bourchier & 1901433. Countess Anne of Woodstock

1374, William Bourgchier born in Essex, England, s/o 3802864. Sir William Bouchier & 3802865. Alianore de Lovayne.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England. [Anne Richard II’s first cousin.]

4/1383, Anne born in England, heir & d/o 3802866. Thomas of Woodstock & 3802867. Eleanor de Bohun.

[––Anne & Thomas––]

6/1391, Anne (age 8) married 1st to Thomas, Earl of Stafford [no children. Annes father held the marriages of Thomas and his brothers William (d.1395) and Edmund.]

1392, Thomas died.

9/8/1397, Anne’s father died leaving her older brother Humphrey as heir.

10/5/1397, William Burghchier, age 23 at the death of his mother; succeeding to her lands in Essex and Suffolk.

7/11/1397, Anne’s father Thomas arrested by King Richard II at Pleshey castle, Essex, and sent to imprisonment at Calais, France. [Thomas was murdered in Calais 2 months later.]

10/28/1397, Annes’ mother, Duchess Eleanor, attended the wedding of King Richard II near Calais, France. [Anne would also be at the wedding.]

11/14/1397, Order to escheator in the county of Suffolk, to take the fealty of William son and heir of Eleanor late the wife of William Bourghcher, ' chivaler,' and cause him to have full seisin of all the lands which his mother. (S) CFRs.

 [––Anne & Edmund––]

Bef. 6/28/1398, Anne married 2nd to Edmund de Mortimer, brother of Thomas, Earl of Stafford and Buckingham.

6/11/1398, Walter lord fitz Wauter and …, William Bourchier knights, …. Gift with warranty of the reversions of the manors of Hemenhale and Disse co. Norffolk … (S) CCRs.

1399, Anne, a legatee in the will of her mother, given a book of the lives of saints, “Legend Aurea”.

3/15/1399, Anne heiress of her older brother Humphrey.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England. [Anne Henry IV’s first cousin.]

10/3/1399, Anne’s mother died. Anne, age 22, became Countess of Buckingham, Hereford, and Northampton. Anne heir to her father’s estates, and her mother Bohun’s estates [and eventually those of her grandmother Joan Fitzalan, the dowager contess of Hereford.]

1/6/1400, IPM of Eleanor Duchess of Gloucester. Lincoln: … She died on 3 Oct. last. Her daughters and heirs are Anne wife of Edmund earl of Stafford, of full age, 17 years and more; Joan, also of full age, 15 years and more; and Isabel, aged 13 on 23 April last. … Hereford and the Adjacent March of Wales: … Gloucester and the Adjacent March of Wales: … [very long list.] (S) CIsPM.

2/5/1400, Writ for IPM for fees of Thomas, duke of Gloucester. … Buckingham: … He died on 8 Sept. 1397. Anne, wife of Edmund earl of Stafford, and Joan, of full age, 17 and 15 years, and Isabel, aged 13, are his daughters and heirs. (S) CIsPM.

3/7/1400, Writ of privy seal to John Mauns, escheator. The earl of Stafford and Anne his wife have complained that certain escheators, including the escheator for Herefordshire, have failed to do their office in response to writs of diem clausit extremum. (S) IPM of Anne’s mother.

8/16/1400, Anne and her sister Isabel coheiress to her sister Joan. (S) IPM of Thomas.

9/16/1400, Owen Glyn Dŵr declared himself “Prince of Wales”, a title of Prince Henry [future Henry V.] Soon after the King sent Prince Henry to suppress the Welsh uprising under the guidance of various Lt.’s of the King.

1401, William Bourchier retained as a Knight of the Houshold of the Prince of Wales. (S) Medieval Soldier, Univ. of Southampton. [Prince Henry was primarily based at Chester during this period.]

5/8/1402, “Powers by Henry, Prince of Wales, to William, Lord Bourchier, Richard Derham, the King's chaplain, and John Peraunt, serjeant-at-arms, to arrange a marriage between himself and Katharine, sister of Eric, King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. London.” (S) UKNA. [This marriage did not work out.]

4/1/1403, Prince Henry, appointed Royal Lt. in Wales. Most of the time the Prince would be fighting in southern Wales. The force consisted of 500 men-at-arms, 4 Barons, 4 bannerets, 20 knights, and 2500 archers.

5/1403, The Prince attacked the heart of Glyn Dŵr’s territory.

1403, Henry Percey, and Thomas, Earl of Worcester, revolted against the King.

7/21/1403, Sir William Bouchier fought in the retinue of Prince Henry at the battle of Shrewsbury. The first occasion where massed troops armed with the longbow were pitted against each other on English soil. The Percys had about 14,000 men, King Henry is believed to have had more. Anne’s husband Edmund died in the battle. [7000 horses were said to be looted after the battle.] (S) 24 Hours at Agincourt, Jones, 2015.

11/16/1403, Anne’s dower income awarded at £1500 yearly. (S) CCRs. Due to the existing war with  Owain Glyn Dwr and the Welsh, King Henry appointed Sir William Bourchier, Count of Eu, to help protect Anne and her properties from any Welsh incursions.

[––William & Anne––]

By 1405, William, in secret, married Anne.

1405, William and Anne faced sever problems on their estates at Caldicot and Huntington due to war in the area primarily with Owain Glyn Dwr. (S) The Politics of Magnate Power, Dunn, 2003, P167.

3/1405, Prince Henry had a major victory against the Welsh at Grosmont against 8000 rebels.

4/1405, Anne invested as a Lady of the Garter.

1406-7, “Accounts of Thomas Laurence, receiver general of Sir William Bourchier [3rd husband of widow of 5th Earl Stafford and mother of 6th Earl. She had 2/3 land of her son during his minority.]” (S) UKNA.

5/10/1409, To Sir William Bourchier, knight. In discharge of £159 13s 4d due to him … by virtue of the King’s letters of privy seal, … on account of a voyage made by the said William, at the King’s command, to Denmark and Norway, to treat with Isbella, Queen of Denmark, for a marriage to be between the Lord Henry, Prince of Wales, and daughter of Philippa, Queen of Denmark. (S) Issues of the Exchequer, Devon, 1837, P311.

1409-10, “Accounts of Thomas Laurence, receiver general of Sir William Bourchier.” (S) UKNA.

4/20/1410, Commitment to William Bourgchier, ' chivaler,' and Anne countess of Stafford, his wife, … of the keeping of the manor called the priory of Paunfeld, co. Essex, and of the manor called the priory or house of Welles, co. Norfolk, being alien priories; to hold the same from Easter next for the duration of the war with France, rendering £55 … (S) CFRs.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

7/18//1413, IPM of Thomas, duke of Gloucester. York: He held nothing in Yorkshire. He died on 9 Sept. 1397. Anne wife of William Bourchier, knight, his daughter and next heir is aged 24 years and more. (S) CIsPM.

9/26/1413, William Burghchier, 'chivaler,' and the escheator and sheriff in the county of Essex to take into the king's hands all the lands whereof William Stourton was seised as of fee on the day of his death. (S) CFRs.

1414, Anne recoved the Oakham, Rutland, lands of her father.

12/23/1415, Sir Sir William Bourchier, knight, ordered and appointed by the Lord the King for the support of George de Clere and 3 Barons, his companions, and 13 knights, the King’s prisoners, lately taken at Herfleu, then in his custody within the Tower of London, at the King’s cost … at £1 6s 8d per day, for the expenses of the same prisoners. (S) Issues of the Exchequer, Devon, 1837, P344.

1415-6, “Indentures between the king and the following for service in his invasion of France William Bourchier, kt.” (S) UKNA.

8/13/1415, King Henry V’s force of 12,000 landing at the mouth of the Seine at Harfleur.

8/14/1415, Sir William Bouchier, 1 of 4 knights sent to scout out where to cross the Seine river. (S) 24 Hours at Agincourt, Jones, 2015.

9/22/1415, English capture Harfleur after a siege.

10/25/1415, Battle of Agincourt in northern France. [Documented by 3 eye witnesses.] The English longbows gave “a terrifying hail of arrow shot.” French estimate of their own dead of 4,000 would imply a ratio of nearly 9 to 1 in favour of the English. Sir William Bouchier had a retinue of 29 men-at-arms and 90 archers.

4/6/1416, Commitment to William Bourghchier, 'chivaler,' … of the keeping of the manor of Dale, co.Essex, … (S) CFRs.

8/15/1416, Battle of the Seine Estuary near Harfleur helped Henry V achieve mastery of the seas. The English fleet met about 150 French ships. While the English ships were smaller, the surprise attack in the shallow estuary proved a significant advantage in maneuverability. After 7 hours the English captured 3 of the 8 large Genoese carracks, and ran another aground. The English lost about 20 ships. They were then able to relieve the garrison at Harfleur. Sir William Bouchier had a retinue of 120 men.

3/18/1417, “Receipt, indented, by Roger Aston, knight, deputy of William Bourchier, knight, Constable of the Tower, for 100 marks towards the expenses of 17 French knights taken at Harfleur, and of James, King of Scotland: London.” (S) Issues of the Exchequer, Devon, 1837, P345.

1417, King Henry returned to France. Sir William Bouchier had a retinue of 164 men. King Henry first captured the city of Caen after a 2-week siege.

1417, King Henry captured Argentan.

1417-18, In a winter siege, King Henry captured Falaise.

1418, King Henry began the long siege of Rouen. [Which would fall 1/19/1419.]

1418, King Henry sent William Bouchier back to England with prisoners.

11/15/1418, To William Bourchier knight constable of the Tower of London. Order to receive … on behalf of the king, …, the king's prisoners of Normandy, and to keep them in custody in the Tower. (S) CCRs.

1419, William made Governor of Dieppe, France.

4/8/1419, Anne heir to her grandmother Joan Fitzalan.

8/10/1419, Order to escheator in the county of Rutland … inquisition showing that … Joan de Bohun late countess of Hereford held on the day of her death of the endowment of Humphrey de Bohun, late earl of Hereford and Essex, sometime her husband, … dower of the castle and manor of Okeham and the shrievalty of Rutland … with reversion to Anne countess of Stafford, daughter and heir of the body of Thomas late duke of Gloucester (whom William Bourchier, 'chivaler’ has now taken to wife), … afterwards the said Thomas died, after whose death the right of the said reversion of the castle, town, lordship and manor aforesaid descended to the said countess of Stafford as his daughter … and that afterwards the said Edmund, Edward and John died, after whose death the said William and Anne, in right of Anne, by virtue of the said gift, grant and confirmation to the said late duke of Gloucester made, after due suit out of the king's hands, entered into two-thirds of the said castle, town, lordship and manor, and were and still are seised thereof … (S) CFRs.

1/1420, After a treaty with the French, William created 1st Count of Eu in Normandy. [Many titled nobles and prominent captains of Henry’s French campaign were given lands to protect and administer.]

1420, William died in France, his body sent back for burial at Llanthony Prior in Gloucestershire.

7/1/1420, Order to the escheator in the counties of Essex and Suffolk to take into the king's hand and keep safely until further order all the lands in his bailiwick whereof William Burghchier, ' chivaler ', who held of the king in chief was seised in his demesne as of fee on the day of his death ; and to make inquisition touching his lands and heir. (S) CFRs.


5/13/1421, Whereas of late in a suit which was before the king in the Chancery, between the king and Anne countess of Stafford, daughter and heir of Eleanor one of the daughters and heirs of Humphrey de Bohun late earl of Hereford and Essex and late the wife of Thomas late earl of Buckingham, touching the castle and manor of Plessitz, … (S) CFRs.

5/23/1421 at Parliament, a detailed schedule setting out the partition of the Bohun inheritance was agreed between the king and Anne, countess of Stafford, who were joint heirs to the lands. Anne left with an annual income of £1200. (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005.

1422, Anne Countess of Stafford, widow of Earl Edmund, was suing her for leave to present, by default, to the Hospital of St. Leonard, which was appurtenant to the castle and demesne of Stafford. (S) Hist. of Stafford, V5, 1959, Castle Church.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

1/14/1423, “Debtor: … Creditor: William Bourchier, knight, now deceased, and Anne, Countess of Stafford, his wife. Amount: 1000m.” (S) UKNA.

5/3/1423, Commitment … of the keeping of the castle and town of Brenles, the whole lordship of Cantrecelly, a third part of the barony of Penkelly, and the manor of Alisaundres Towne, in Wales … the sum thus to be agreed upon by the treasurer is to be divided equally between the king and [Anne] the countess of Stafford. (S) CFRs.

11/20/1423, Richard de Beauchamp earl of Warrewyk to Anne countess of Stafford, John lord Grey, …. Recognisance for £2000. (S) CCRs.

4/1425 at Parliament, … present lord of Stafford is descended lineally from Edward the third, by Thomas of Woodstock, duke of Gloucester, who had a daughter, named Anne, countess of Stafford, the mother of my lord of Stafford who is now living … lord of Stafford descends lineally from royal blood, yet he has his place in parliament below that of my said lord of Warwick. … (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005.

8/12/1431, … Quitclaim of the manors of Great Wakerynge, …  he had jointly with them by gift and acknowledgment of Anne countess of Stafforde to them and the heirs and assigns of William Neubolde. (S) CCRs.

3/12/1432, Anne, Countess of Stafford [and Hereford], daughter and heir of Eleanor, one of the daughters and heirs of Humphrey de Bohun, late earl of Hereford, Essex and Northampton, and constable of England … Anne states that Joan, countess of Hereford held by dower and jointure of her husband diverse estates and died seised of them on 8 April 1419 when they descended to Henry V and Anne as cousins and heirs of the earl, but were taken into the king's hands … Henry V delegated the matter to the bishop of Durham to determine, but the king died before it could be determined. … The king by the advisement of the his council assigns the chancellor and Walter, lord Hungerford to communicate and deal with the countess upon the matter contained in the present petition, to agree what should be paid to her, … (S) UKNA.

2/24/1433, Commitment to Anne countess of Stafford and Hereford, Henry Bourghchier and Thomas Bourghchier, clerk,— … of the keeping of all the castles, manors and lands, in the counties of Devon, Somerset and Wilts, which Richard Hankeford, knight, held … (S) CFRs.

1437, Anne recovered the Holderness, Yorkshire, lands of her father.

10/16/1438, Anne Countess of Stafford, Buckingham, Hereford and Northamton and lady of Brecon, wrote her will. … “burial “in ye churche of L’Anthony byside Gloucestre”, appointed “my sones Thomas bysshop of Worcestre, Henry Erle of Eue, Will Bougchiers, John Bourghiers...” and required “my...sone Humfrey Erle of Stafford” to oversee execution of the will.” (S) FMG.

10/1438, Anne died [at the time possibility the wealthiest woman in England], buried with William.

10/18/1438, Writ of diem clausit extremum, after the death of Anne countess of Stafford in the counties of Kent ; Surrey ; Essex ; Norfolk and Suffolk ; Huntingdon ; Northampton and Rutland ; Lincoln ; York ; Nottingham ; Warwick ; Stafford ; Salop and the adjacent march of Wales ; Hereford and the adjacent march of Wales ; Gloucester and the adjacent march of Wales ; Southampton and Wilts ; Somerset ; Oxford and Berks ; Bedford and Buckingham. (S) CFRs.

(S) The Cultural Patronage of Medieval Women, McCash, 1996, P237. (S) Letters of Queen Margaret of Anjou, Monro, 1863, P122. (S) The Complete Peerage, Cokayne, V-II, P248. (S) Henry V, Allmand, 1992.

Family notes:

·         2/16/1441, … Order to pay to Humphrey earl of Stafford a moiety of £73 14¾d. a year … in the parliament holden in 9 Henry V, between the late king, being son and heir of Mary one of the daughters and heirs of Humphrey de Bohun earl of Hereford, Essex and Norhampton and constable of England, and Anne countess of Stafford now deceased, being daughter and heir of Eleanor the other daughter and heir of the said Humphrey de Bohun, … (S) CCRs.

Child of Edmund and Anne:

i. Duke Humphrey Stafford, born 1402 in England. [Heir]

1403, Humphrey, Earl of Stafford on the death of his father.

1429, Humphrey, Knight of the Garter.

10/1438, on his mother’s death, Humphrey, Earl of Buckingham.

9/14/1444, Humphrey, 1st Duke of Buckingham.

7/10/1460, Humphrey slain at the battle of Northampton.

Children of William and Anne: [5 children.]

i. Viscount Henry Bourchier, born 1406 in England. [Heir]

Henry married Isabela, sister of Richard, Duke of York, and aunt to King Edward IV.

1435-45, Henry, “Earl of Eu”, summoned to parliament.

1446-61, Henry, “Viscount Bourgchier”, summoned to parliament.

5/29/1454, Henry made Lord Treasurer of England.

11/20/1459, Henry attained for his support of the Duke of York.

7/10/1460, Henry fought along with the Earls of March and Warwick at the battle of Northampton.

3/18/1461, Henry created Earl of Essex.

4/4/1483, Henry died.

ii. Thomas Bouchier, born ? in England.

1454, Thomas appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.

1467, Thomas made a Cardinal.

1486, Thomas died.

v. John Bourchier (950716), born ~1415 in Essex, England. [5th child]