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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1901432 Bourchier-Woodstock

1901432. Sir William Bourchier & 1901433. Countess Anne of Woodstock

1374, William born in England, s/o 3802864. Sir William Bouchier & 3802865. Alianore de Lovayne.

4/1383, Anne born in England, heir & d/o 3802866. Prince Thomas of Woodstock & 3802867. Eleanor de Bohun.

Anne married 1st to Thomas, Earl of Stafford [no children.]

1392, Thomas died.

Anne married 2nd to Edmund de Mortimer, brother of Thomas, Earl of Stafford and Buckingham.

9/8/1397, Anne’s father died leaving her older brother Humphrey as heir.

10/5/1397, William, age 23 at the death of his mother; succeeding to her lands in Essex and Suffolk.

1399, Anne, a legatee in the will of her mother, given a book of the lives of saints, “Legend Aurea”.

3/15/1399, Anne heir to her older brother Humphrey.

1399, Anne heir to her father’s estates, and her mother Bohun’s estates, [and eventually those of her grandmother Joan Fitzalan, the dowager contess of Hereford.]

5/8/1402, “Powers by Henry, Prince of Wales, to William, Lord Bourchier, Richard Derham, the King's chaplain, and John Peraunt, serjeant-at-arms, to arrange a marriage between himself and Katharine, sister of Eric, King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. London.” (S) UKNA

7/21/1403, Edmund died at the battle of Shrewsbury.

By 1405, William married Anne.

1405, William and Anne faced sever problems on their estates at Caldicot and Huntington due to war in the area primarily with Owain Glyn Dwr. (S) The Politics of Magnate Power, Dunn, 2003, P167.

1406-7, “Accounts of Thomas Laurence, receiver general of Sir William Bourchier [3rd husband of widow of 5th Earl Stafford and mother of 6th Earl. She had 2/3 land of her son during his minority.]” (S) UKNA.

1409-10, “Accounts of Thomas Laurence, receiver general of Sir William Bourchier.” (S) UKNA.

1415-6, “Indentures between the king and the following for service in his invasion of France William Bourchier, kt.” (S) UKNA.

1416-7, “Receipt, indented, by Roger Aston, knight, deputy of William Bourchier, knight, Constable of the Tower, for 100 marks towards the expenses of 17 French knights taken at Harfleur, and of James, King of Scotland: London.” (S) UKNA.

William made Governor of Dieppe.

4/8/1419, Anne heir to her grandmother Joan Fitzalan.

6/10/1419, William, 1st Count of Eu in Normandy. [Many titled nobles and prominent captains of Henry’s French campaign were given lands to protect and administer.].

1420-1, William died.

1421-5, “Anne de Stafford, Countess of Stafford, daughter and heir of Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester …” (S) UKNA.

1/14/1423, “Debtor: … Creditor: William Bourchier, knight, now deceased, and Anne, Countess of Stafford, his wife. Amount: 1000m.” (S) UKNA.

3/12/1432, “Anne, Countess of Stafford, daughter and heir of Eleanor, one of the daughters and heirs of Humphrey de Bohun, late earl of Hereford, Essex and Northampton, and constable of England … Anne states that Joan, countess of Hereford held by dower and jointure of her husband diverse estates and died seised of them on 8 April 1419 when they descended to Henry V and Anne as cousins and heirs of the earl, but were taken into the king's hands …” (S) UKNA.

1432-3, “Anne [Stafford], who was the wife of Edmund [Mortimer], late Earl of. Partition of lands: Lincolnshire, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Suffolk, Rutland.” (S) UKNA.

10/1438, Anne died [at the time possibility the wealthiest woman in England.]

(S) The Cultural Patronage of Medieval Women, McCash, 1996, P237. (S) Letters of Queen Margaret of Anjou, Monro, 1863, P122. (S) The Complete Peerage, Cokayne, V-II, P248.

Child of Edmund and Anne:

i. Duke Humphrey Stafford, born 1402 in England. [Heir]
1403, Humphrey, Earl of Stafford on the death of his father.
1429, Humphrey, Knight of the Garter.
10/1438, on his mother’s death, Humphrey, Earl of Buckingham.
9/14/1444, Humphrey, 1st Duke of Buckingham.
7/10/1460, Humphrey slain at the battle of Northampton.

Children of William and Anne: [5 children.]

i. Viscount Henry Bourchier, born 1406 in England. [Heir]
Henry married Isabela, sister of Richard, Duke of York, and aunt to King Edward IV.
1435-45, Henry, “Earl of Eu”, summoned to parliament.
1446-61, Henry, “Viscount Bourgchier”, summoned to parliament.
5/29/1454, Henry made Lord Treasurer of England.
11/20/1459, Henry attained for his support of the Duke of York.
7/10/1460, Henry fought along with the Earls of March and Warwick at the battle of Northampton.
3/18/1461, Henry created Earl of Essex.
4/4/1483, Henry died.

v. John Bourchier (950716), born ~1415 in England. [5th child]