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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Richard Berners Esq. & Philippe Dalyngridge

1901434. Richard Berners Esq. & 1901435. Philippe Dalyngridge

2/1382, Richard born in Surrey, England, s/o 3802868. Sir James Berners & 3802869. Anne Berew.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

~1390, Philippe born in Sussex, England, d/o 3802870. Walter Dalyngrigge & 3802871. Margaret de Chaumont.

1388, Richard a minor at the death of his father.

1390, Richard’s wardship was granted to Robert Braybroke, Bishop of London. [Delay because the King had challenged the wardship.]

6/12/1391, “…  Amice [de Berners], wife of Edmund Berners; …; Ralph [de Berners], son and heir of Edmund de Berners; John [de Berners], son and heir of Ralph de Berners; James [de Berners], son and heir of John de Berners; Richard [de Berners], son and heir of James de Berners … Robert, bishop of London, recounts that Berners held the manor of Islington of the bishopric of London as of the castle of Stortford by the services of a knight, … The right of the manor descended through the family until it came to Richard, now a minor, … by James' forfeiture … [1388], …” (S) UKNA.

12/1/1391, To the escheator in Middlesex. Order to give Robert bishop of London livery of the ward of the manor of Iseldoun, and of the body of Richard son and heir of James Berners, … it was found by inquisition, … that Edmund de Berners held the said manor by knight service of the bishopric of London, …, that in the octaves of Trinity 31 Edward I (1/1303) at York a fine levied between the said Edmund and Amice his wife plaintiffs, and Roger de Berners and John de Neville deforciants, concerning the same, …, deforciants rendered the manor to the plaintiffs, and to the heirs of Edmund's body, with remainder to Richard de Berners and to his heirs, …, the said Edmund was seised in fee tail, the said Amice as of freehold, that Amice died, that from Edmund the manor descended to Ralph his son and heir, from him to John his son and heir, and from him to James his son and heir, who was thereof seised in fee tail by form of the said fine at the time of a judgment against him rendered in the parliament holden at Westminster on the morrow of the Purification 11 Richard II (1/1388), and died so seised, … the right descended to the said Richard as son and heir of James, who was within age, namely 10 years and upwards, … (S) CCRs.

1397, The attainder of Richard’s father was reversed. [And then on the accession of Henry IV reinstated because of the 1397 and 1398 parliaments.]

10/20/1398, Order, mutatis mutandis, against John Hermesthorp clerk in favour of Richard Berners, son and heir of James Berners knight, for restitution of the manor and advowson of Beaumont. (S) CCRs.

1399, Grant by fee of the manor of West Horsley, with the park and warrens, to Richard.

4/14/1403, Richard’s mother died.

5/7/1403, Writ for IPM of Anne late the wife of James Berners, knight in the county of Surrey: She held the manor of West Horsley for life by the grant of Henry IV with remainder to Richard son of James Berners and his heirs. She died on 14 April. Richard son of James, her heir, is aged 21 years and 12 weeks. (S) CIsPM.

2/3/1404, To the escheator in Surrey. Order to take the fealty of Richard son of James Berners knight, and to give him livery of the manor, park, warren and advowson of 'Westhorsley,'. (S) CCRs.

[––Richard & Philippa––]

11/15/1405, Licence, for 10 marks … for Richard Berners, esquire, for him to enfeoff John Bryan, … of the manor of Westhorselee, co. Surrey … (S) CPRs.

1406, John Bryan released his right in the manor of West Horsley and Abbess Roding, Surrey, to Richard.

6/1/1409, Licence, for 20 marks … by Richard Berners, esquire, for him to enfeoff Richard Norton, … of the manor of Westhorsele, co. Surrey, with the advowson of the church of Westhorsele, held of the king, for these to grant the same to Thomas Knolles, citizen and alderman of London, … and for these to grant the same to the said Richard Berners and Philippa his wife for life. (S) CPRs.

8/6/1412, Richard of West Horsley, Surrey died.


Philippe married 2nd Sir Thomas Lewknor.

10/8/1417, Writ for IPM of Richard Berners. Surrey: He held 18s. rent in West Horsley, …  by knight service. He died on 6 Aug. 1412. Margery his daughter and next heir is aged 7 years and more. Thomas de Leukenore, knight, and Philippa his wife, formerly Richard’s wife, have held it since his death. Middlesex: … manor of Barnsbury in Islington in his demesne as of fee  … annual value £12. He died on 6 Aug. 1412. Margery his daughter and next heir was aged 7 years on 24 Oct. last. … (S) CIsPM.

3/4/1418, Richard’s inquisition at Iseldon showed he held the manor of Bernersbury by knight’s fee. Philippa, wife of Thomas Lewknor, held the 3rd part of the manor of Iseldon in dower rights. Majorie’s age was 7 on 10/24 of the previous year.

10/2/1420, Philippa died; her daughter Majorie her heir, age 12. Her entailed heir was her son Roger Lewknor.

10/28/1420, IPM of Philippa widow of Thomas Leukenore, Knight: [Surrey] ... held for life the manor of West Horsley ... by grant made with ..., Richard Berners , formerly her husband, ..., by Thomas Knolles , citizen and alderman of London, William Cheyne, ... [Gloucester] ... She held in dower 1/3 manor of Berners in Islington from her former husband Richard Berners, esquire, of the inheritance of her and Richard's daughter Margery wife of John Feriby. Suffolk ... (S) IsPM, Henry V, Writ–727.

(S) Sussex Arch. Colls, 1857, P292. (S) Yseldon. A Perambulation of Islington, Tomlins, 1858, P99. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993. (S) Hist. of Sussex, V7, 1940, Iford.

Child of Richard and Philippe:                                                                

i. Marjorie Berners (950717), born 10/24/1409 in England.

Child of Thomas and Philippe:

ii. Roger Lewknor, born 1414-20 in England.

Roger an executor of the will of Richard Dalyngrigge (TNA C 1/41/35).