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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1901434 Berners-Dalyngridge

1901434. Sir Richard Berners & 1901435. Philippe Dalyngridge

1373, Richard born in England, s/o 3802868. Sir James Berners & 3802869. Anne Berew.

~1385, Philippe born in England, d/o §Edmund Dalyngrigge.

1388, Richard a minor of age 15 years at the death of his father.

1390, Richard’s wardship was granted to Robert Braybroke, Bishop of London. [Delay because the King had challenged the wardship.]

6/12/1391, “… Amice [de Berners], wife of Edmund Berners; …; Ralph [de Berners], son and heir of Edmund de Berners; John [de Berners], son and heir of Ralph de Berners; James [de Berners], son and heir of John de Berners; Richard [de Berners], son and heir of James de Berners … Robert, bishop of London, recounts that Berners held the manor of Islington of the bishopric of London as of the castle of Stortford by the services of a knight, … The right of the manor descended through the family until it came to Richard, now a minor, … by James' forfeiture … [1388], …” (S) UKNA.

1397, the attainder of Richard’s father was reversed. [And then on the accession of Henry IV reinstated because of the relealing of the 1397 and 1398 parliaments.]

1399, Grant by fee of the manor of West Horsley, with the park and warrens, to Richard.

1402, Richard obtained license to put the manor of West Horsley in feofffment to make a settlement on his wife Philippa, heir & d/o Edmund Dalyngruge.

11/15/1405, Licence, for 10 marks … for Richard Berners, esquire, for him to enfeoff John Bryan, … of the manor of Westhorselee, co. Surrey … (S) CPRs.

6/1/1409, Licence, for 20 marks … by Richard Berners, esquire, for him to enfeoff Richard Norton, … of the manor of Westhorsele, co. Surrey, with the advowson of the church of Westhorsele, held of the king, for these to grant the same to Thomas Knolles, citizen and alderman of London, … and for these to grant the same to the said Richard Berners and Philippa his wife for life. (S) CPRs.

1408-9, “… John Denne, clerk to receive seisin from Richard Berners, esquire.” (S) UKNA.

8/6/1413, Richard of West Horsley, Surrey died.

Philippe married 2nd Sir Thomas Lewknor.

3/4/1418, Richard’s inquisition at Iseldon showed he held the manor of Bernersbury by knight’s fee. Philippa, wife of Thomas Lewknor, held the 3rd part of the manor of Iseldon in dower rights. Majorie’s age was 7 on 10/24 of the previous year.

Bef. 12/4/1421, Philippa died; her daughter Majorie her heir.

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Family notes:
• Edmund Dalingrigge, of Bodyham castle, Sussex, a royal escheator under King Richard II. (S) The Reign of Richard II, McKisack, 1971, P185
• Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, knt. has multiple Sussex records of this period.

Child of Richard and Philippe:

i. Marjorie Berners (950717), born 10/24/1410 in England.