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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sir Stephen de Stratford & Elizabeth Monhault

2105600. Sir Stephen de Stratford & 2105601. Elizabeth Monhault

~1300, Stephen born in England, s/o 4211200. Archbishop John Stratford.

1304, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 4211202. Adam de Monhault & 4211203. Isabel ?.

1306, Elizabeth, age 2, inherited Sulgrave Manor, Northamptonshire on the death of her father. (S) Sulgrave Manor and the Washingtons, Smith, 2003, P38.

3/26/1306, Grant to Geoffrey de la Lee, king's yeoman, of the custody during the minority of the heirs of the lands in Lillyngston, co. Oxford, late of Adam de Monte Alto, tenant in chief, with the marriage of the heir [Elizabeth]. (S) CPRs.

8/16/1306, IPM of Adam de Monte Alto. Northampton: Sulgrave. The manor … held jointly with Margery his wife of the heir of Walter de Gayton by service of 1/2 knight’s fee. Amice late the wife of Walter de Gayton, who still survives, was dowered by the said Adam and Margery of a third part of all the lands &c. of the manor; and Helen (Elena) late the wife of John de Monte Alto was dowered by them of a third part of 2 parts, but is dead. … Elizabeth his daughter, aged 2 and more, is his next heir. (S) CIsPM.

By 3/17/1317, Elizabeth’s mother Margery died.

7/22/1317, IPM of Margery le Waleys. Buckingham: Stokholt in the parish of Ocle by Buckingham. A messuage, 3 carucates of land, …  which tenements she, together with Adam de Monte Alto sometime her husband, acquired … Elizabeth daughter of the said Adam, aged 18 [13], is next heir of that inheritance; … (S) CIsPM.

1330, Stephen in records of 3 Edward III. (S) Feet of Fines for London & Middlesex, Hardy & Page, 1892, P105.

1331, Stephen petitioned in parliament for restoration of property confiscated by King Edward II. Edward III granted £537 for the soul of his father and his own. (S) Archbishop John Stratford, Haines, 1986, P29.

1337, Stephen, knt., in records of 10 Edward III. [At this time any person holding land to the yearly value of £25, or more, was obliged to take the title and obligations of a Knight.]

By 1345, Stephen died before his wife and father.

1345, Elizabeth died.

(S) 1623 Visitation of Gloucester by Henry Chitty. (S) Notes and Queries, Thomas, 1863, P193.

Family notes:

·         “R.cepit homagium Steph de Stratford fil & her Elizabeth de Mohant.” This relates to a water corn mill and some land at Sulgrave in Northamptonshire. (S) Notes and Queries, William John Thomas, et. al., Oxford Univ. Press, 1850.

·         Note: Pres. George Washington’s lineage is traced back to the Washington’s of Sulgrave.

Children of Stephen and Elizabeth:

i. Stephen Stratford, born born ~1335 in England.

1345, Stephen, heir to Elizabeth his mother.

Stephen “did homage for her lands in Sulgrave, held in capite by the service of half a knight’s fee.”

1365, Stephen mentioned in public records associated with the family land. (S) Cal. of the Patent Rolls Preserved in the PRO, 1973, P90.

1371, Stephen sold Culworth Manor, Sulgrave, to Sir Henry Ardern.

ii. John Stratford (1052800), born ~1340 in England.