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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

William Langley in Durham

2105624. William Langley in Durham

~1340, William born in England.

William of Langley in the Bishopric of Durham.

(S) A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, John Burke, 1838, P298.

Family notes:
• The first of note of the family was in Henry II’s time. The King confirmed a grant made by one Geoff De Langley, to the Monks of Combe, named Hendeberg, in the County of Warwick. The Geoff was the first Marshal of the King’s Household. During King Henry III’s time at Pinley, a Geoff De Langley [possibly a son of the above] made it his seat, probably due to the nearness to Coventry. In 1229, he had a grant from the King of timber and trees out of the Kenilworth woods for the building of his house. In 1230 Geoff obtained a Charter of Free Warren in all his lands. In 1233 he attended the King on his expedition to Gascoign. In 12/29/1241, Geoff obtained a Patent of benefit accruing by expedition of dogs throughout all the forests of England. 3/4/1242 he became Justice of the King’s Forests from the Trent southwards. A few days later he was appointed Governor of the Castle and Honour of Rockingham in Northamptonshire, and had a licence to stop up and enclose a highway which interposed between his house and the woods at Pinley. He died leaving a son and heir, John De Langley, 22 and a younger son Robert. “Sir Henry Langley afore mentioned, was in direct descent of the afore said Geoffrey De Langley.”

Children of William and ?:

i. Henry Langley (1052812), born ~1360 in England.

ii. Thomas Langley, born ~1372 in England.
Thomas, Lord Chancellor of England.
1406, Thomas consecrated Bishop of Durham. Bishop Godwin: “he was consecrated Bishop of Durham, 1406, at which time, he gave over his chandellorship, but eleven years after, it was laid upon him again.”
6/6/1411, Thomas made a Cardinal.
1417, Thomas again made Lord Chancellor of England.
1437, Thomas died, buried in the church where he resided.