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Monday, June 28, 2010

132 Garringer-Smyth

132. David Garringer & 133. Elizabeth Smyth

10/12/1772, David born in Berkeley Springs, VA; s/o 264. David Goeringer & 265. Ann Barbara ?.

1771, Elizabeth born in Frederick Co., VA; d/o 266. Alexander Smyth & 276. Mary Wright.

10/27/1795, David married Elizabeth.

David 1st moved to Fairfield Co., OH.

By 1810, the family had moved to Fayette Co., OH.

1830, (S) 1830 Census, OH, Fayette Co., Wayne. David “Sr”, age 40-50, lives next to his son David Jr. His wife is age 40-50. They have a son living with them age 15-20.

1833, Elizabeth moved with her son John to Randolph Co., IN.

1840, (S) 1840 Census, OH, Columbiana Co., Beaver. David “Sr”, age 50-60, lives next to his son David Jr. His wife is age 40-50. There is a female living with them, age 20-30, and one age 70-80.

9/1848, Elizabeth died in Randolph Co., IN; buried in Garringer Cem. near Farmland, IN.

11/11/1865, David died in Fayette Co., OH; buried in Chochran Cem. “Crippled Davy", aged 93 years 29 days, "Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace."

(S) David Garringer Sr Family Bible [Found in an old trunk in an abandoned log cabin on the Garringer farm near Farmland, IN. Childrens’ and parents’ birthdates, and death records are from this Bible.]

Children of David and Elizabeth:

i. John Garringer (66), born 8/14/1796 in Matinsburg, Berkeley Co., VA.

ii. Alexander Garringer, born 2/25/1800 in Berkeley Co., VA.
8/3/1818 in Fayette Co., OH, Alexander married Elizabeth Boots. (S) David Garringer Sr Family Bible.
1851, Alexander died in Howard Co., IN; buried in Salem Cem.

iii. David Garringer Jr, born 10/25/1803 in Berkeley Co., VA.
9/12/1825, David married Cyrene Yoeman in Fayette Co., OH. (S) David Garringer Sr Family Bible.
9/16/1869, David died in Wayne, Fayette Co.; buried in Rock Mills Cem. with Cyrene.

iv. Elizabeth Garringer, born 2/17/1806 in Berkeley Co., VA.
8/14/1831, Elizabeth married Aquilla Jones. (S) David Garringer Sr Family Bible.
3/20/1848, Elizabeth died in Fayette Co., OH.

v. Mary Garringer, born 1/27/1810 in Fayette Co., OH.
Mary married ? Brakefield.
1/27/1866, Mary died in Fayette Co., OH.

vi. Isaac Jacob Garringer, born 3/7/1812 in Fayette Co., OH.
3/16/1834, Issac married Sarah Boots in Delaware Co., IN.
1/16/1870, Isaac died in Randolph Co., IN.