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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Francois Narcisse Lacombe & Marie Hamel

60. Francois Narcisse Lacombe & 61. Marie Hamel

9/5/1824, Narcisse born in St-Michel (Bellchase), Quebec, Canada; s/o 120. Francois Lacombe & 121. Angele Bouchard. (S) Quebec Vital Church Records.

1826, Marie born in Canada.

11/20/1850, Narcisse married Marie in Quebec.

Aft. 12/28/1856, Marie died.

1861, (S) 1861 Census, Canada East, Quebec. Narcissi Lacombe lives with or near a large number of “Hamel” family members – likely Marie’s relatives.

11/14/1870, Narcisse married Marie-Suzanne Davis in Quebec.

1881, (S) 1881 Census, Canada, Quebec, Quebec City, St Jean. Narcisse, age 50; Suzanne, age 49; “Wilfred”, age 2; Arthur, age 7. The family is French Catholic.

3/14/1889, Narcisse died in St-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec; Marie-Suzanne surviving. (S) Quebec Vital Church Records.

Children of Narcisse and Marie:

i. Edouard Lacombe, born 9/22/1851 in Quebec, Canada.
2/20/1882, Edouard married Marie Berube, 1857-1944.
3/29/1918, Edouard died in St-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec.

ii. Georges Lacombe (30), born 11/12/1854 in Quebec, Canada.

iii. Jean Baptiste Lacombe, born 12/28/1856 in Quebec, Canada.

Children of Narcisse and Marie-Suzanne:

i. Alfred Lacombe, born 8/24/1872 in Quebec, Canada.
9/11/1893, Alfred married Adeline Gignac.
11/10/1909, Alfred died in Quebec.

ii. Arthur Lacombe, born 2/6/1874 in Quebec, Canada.
9/14/1896, Arthur married Mathilda Morissette.
7/25/1911, Arthur married Marie Angelique Landry.
11/7/1936, Arthur died in Quebec.

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