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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Antoine Kerouac dit Breton & Marie Morin

58. Antoine Kerouac dit Breton & 59. Marie Morin

5/30/1820, Antoine born in St-Pierre-de-la-Riviere-du-Sud, Quebec, Canada; s/o 116. Louis Kerouack dit Breton & 117. Marie Angele Gendron. (S) Church Record.

1824, Marie born in Canada; d/o §Jean Baptiste Rene Morin & §Marie Anne Gervais dit Gendron.

11/4/1845 in Montmagny, Quebec, Antoine married Marie.

1871, (S) 1871 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. Antoine, age 49; Marie, age 47; Xavier, age 22, Edouard, age 21; Malvina, age 18; Clementine, age 16; Sarah, age 13; Napoleon, age 12; Octave, age 10; Denise, age 8; Louis, age 6; Theophile, age 3. The family is French Catholic. Antoine is a cultivateur. Xavier cannot read or write. Napoleon, Octave and Denise are in school.

2/21/1879, Antoine died; buried at St. Sebastien parish cemetery.

1881, (S) 1881 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. Marie Kerouck, age 57, a farmer. Son Octave, age 20, is a cultivateur, Louis, age 16, Theophile, age 13.

1891, (S) 1891 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. Marie Kerouck, age 67, lives with her son Edouard and his family.

(S) Genealogie des descendants de Maurice Louis Alexandre Le Brice de Keroack, by Francois Kirouac. (S) Genealogies des Families Originaires des Comptes de Montmagny-L'Islet-Bellechasse, by Eloi Gerard Talbot.

Family notes:
• In the 1901 census, brothers Francois, Edouard, and Louis and some of their married children all live near each other in Sebastien, Iberville, Quebec. Their mother Marie is not listed with any of them.

Children of Antoine and Marie:

i. Francois Xavier Kerouac, born 1848 in Quebec, Canada.
Xavier married Caroline Duval.
7/30/1922, Xavier died in St. Sebastien, Iberville, Quebec.

ii. Edouard Kerouac, born 1850 in Quebec, Canada.
1/19/1875, Edouard married Adelaide Duval.

iii. Malvina Kirouaque (29), born 9/1853 in Quebec, Canada.

iv. Clementine Kerouac, born 11/1854 in Quebec, Canada.
4/22/1873, Clementine married Moyse Lanoue.

v. Sarah Kerouac, born 9/17/1857 in Quebec, Canada.
6/17/1879, Sara married Louis Lanoue.

vi. Napoleon Kerouac, born 1859 in Quebec, Canada.

vii. Octave Kerouac, born 1861 in St. Sebastien, Iberville, Quebec, Canada.
6/23/1885, Octave married Philomene Gamache [1865-1946].
1891, they family lived in Brome, Quebec.
1900, Octave died in St. Sebastien, Iberville, Quebec.

viii. Denise Kerouac, born 1863 in Quebec, Canada.
2/1/1881, Denise married Norbert Rainville.

ix. Louis Kerouac, born 9/5/1866 in Quebec, Canada.
9/6/1887, Louis married Elisa Trahan.

x. Theophile Kerouac, born 2/10/1868 in Quebec, Canada.
9/23/1890, Theophile married Eldinas Trahan.

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