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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aubin Mailloux & Euphemie Perron Simard

56. Aubin Mailloux & 57. Euphemie Perron Simard

4/27/1816, Aubin born in L’Acadie, St-Jean Co., Quebec, Canada; s/o 112. Joseph Mailloux & 113. Marie Madeleine Gamache.

1819, Aubin orphaned as a small child.

3/14/1823, Euphemie born in L’Acadie, St-Jean Co., Quebec, Canada; d/o 114. Joseph Simard & 115. Roselie Morin.

8/14/1838 in Napierville, Quebec, Aubin married Martine Bissonnette.

1839, Martine and her infant son Aubain died [likely in childbirth.]

11/3/1840 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Aubin married Euphemie.

1861, (S) 1861 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, Henriville. Aubin, age 45, is a cultevateur and a Catholique. Aubin is married; Euphemie is his wife, age 39. Children: Francois Simard, age 16; Marie, age 14, Celina, age 13; Aubin, age 11; Joseph, age 9; Julien, age 1; Denis, age 1; Agnes, age 5, Emerence, age 4; Marguerite, age 3.

1871, (S) 1871 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville Co., St. Sebastien. Aubin, age 55, is a “cultivateur”. Wife Euphemie, age 48. Children: Francois – Emerance listed. They are a Catholic family of French descent.

7/10/1875, Aubin died in Saint-Sebastien, Iberville Co., Quebec; buried at Notre-Dame-de-LaPrairie-de-la-Madeleine. (S) Church Record.

1881, (S) 1881 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. “Euphemie Simard”, age 58, is a farmer; children at home: Francois, age 36, a cultivateur; Marie, age 33; Joseph, age 29, a cultivateur; Melina, age 23.

1891, (S) 1891 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. “Euphemie Maillou”, age 67, son Francois, age 46, daughter Marie, age 44.

1901, (S) 1901 Census, Canada, Quebec, Saint-Jean and Iberville, Saint-Sebastien. “Euphemie Simard”, age 78 is a Rentier; Francois, age 56; Marie, age 54.

Children of Aubin and Euphemie:

i. Francois Mailloux, born 1845 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Marie Mailloux, born 1848 in Quebec, Canada.

iii. Aubain Mailloux (28), born 12/15/1849 in St. George, Henryville, Iberville Co., Quebec, Canada.

iv. Joseph Mailloux, born 1851 in Henryville, Iberville Co., Quebec, Canada.
(S) Church Birth Record.

v. Melanie Marguerite Mailloux, born 1854 in Quebec, Canada.
7/13/1874, Melanie married Isidore Kerouack; brother of Aubain’s wife.
Bef. 10/15/1889, Melanie died. [Isidore remarried.]

vi. Celina Agnes Mailloux, born 6/8/1848 in St. George, Henryville, Iberville Co., Quebec, Canada.
2/8/1869, Celina married Jean Baptiste Metras [1846-1884] in Iberville, Quebec.
(S) 1880 Census, CO, Jefferson Co., Golden.
1884, Celina died in CO.

vii. Emerence Mailloux, born 1/8/1857 in Quebec, Canada.
1/21/1878 in Iberville, Quebec, Emerence married Alfred Jette [1853-1913].
6/4/1896, Emerance died in Iberville, Quebec.

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