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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Isaac N Maitlen Sr. & Sarah Fiers

64. Isaac N Maitlen Sr. & 65. Sarah Fiers

1781, Isaac born in Scotland, England.

1/28/1783, Sarah born in VA; d/o 130. John Fiers & 131. Frances ?.

12/17/1804, Issac married Sarah in Sussex, VA.

1820, (S) 1820 Census, OH, Greene Co., Xenia. Issac “Metlin” and Sarah have 4 sons and 2 daughters.

1830, (S) 1830 Census, OH, Greene Co., Miami. Isaac, age 50-60; 2 sons under 5, 2 sons 5-10, 3 males 15-20; Sarah age 40-50; 1 daughter 10-15, 1 daughter 15-20.

3/30/1837, Issac Maitlen of Clarke County, Ohio, registered land at the Fort Wayne, IN land office in Delaware Co. (S) Certificate No. 9028.

9/25/1838, Issac died; killed by a falling tree while clearing land; buried in Albany, Niles Township, Delaware Co., IN.

1840, (S) 1840 Census, IN, Delaware Co. Sarah “Metlin”, age 50-60; 1 daughter 5-10, 1 son 10-15, 3 sons 15-20.

9/27/1850, (S) 1850 Census, IN, Delaware Co., Delaware Twp. Sarah, age 66, lives with her daughter Nancy and her husband John Fires. Sarah’s son Joshua lives next to them and is a blacksmith.

7/28/1860, (S) 1860 Census, IN, Jay Co., Richland. Sarah, age 78, is a housekeeper, born in VA, with a personal estate of $30.

8/6/1870, (S) 1870 Census, IN, Jay Co., Niles Twp., Muncie. Sarah, age 91, lives near her son Richard.

5/19/1873, Sarah, LDS member and age 90, died; buried in Bethel Cem., Albany, Niles Township, Delaware Co., IN.

Children of Isaac and Sarah:

i. Mary Maitlen, born 8/17/1807 in OH.
3/6/1834, Mary married John Taylor.
1/12/1887, Mary died; buried in Bethel Cem., Albany, Niles Township, Delaware Co., IN.

ii. Richard Maitlen, born 9/20/1810 in OH.
3/16/1834, Richard married Mary Anne Manson.
(S) 1880 Census, IN, Delaware Co., Niles. Richard and Mary have grandchildren living with them.
2/4/1887, Richard died; buried in Bethel Cem., Albany, Niles Township, Delaware Co., IN.

iii. John Matilen, born 1812 in OH.
John married Cynthia ?.

iv. James L Maitlen, born 1/11/1813 in OH.
James married Elizabeth ?.
9/18/1867, James died; buried in Bethel Cem., Albany, Niles Township, Delaware Co., IN.

v. Issac N. Maitlen, Jr., born 1815 in OH.
Issac married Ellen ?.
1894, Issac died.

vi. Elizabeth Maitlen, born 1817 in OH.
Elizabeth married Joseph L McKinney.
1894, Elizabeth, 77 years, 2 months, 19 days old, died.

vii. Joshua Maitlen, born 9/8/1821 in OH.
10/17/1843, John married Eliza Garringer, d/o 66. John Garringer & 67. Elizabeth Johnson.
10/25/1877, Joshua died in IN.

viii. Thomas Maitlen, born 12/25/1823 in OH.
Thomas married Sarah Delk.
7/8/1870, (S) 1870 Census, IN, Jay Co., Richland, Red Key. Thomas, married to Sarah, has land valued at $3000 and a personal estate of $500; 7 children at home.
3/24/1901, Thomas died; buried in the “1.0.0.F” Cem., Dunkirk, Jay Co., OH.

ix. Coleman Maitlen, born 3/26/1828 in OH.
Coleman married Angeline ?.
4/4/1904, Coleman died in Montana.

x. William B Maitlen (32), born 1829 in Miami, Greene Co., OH.

xi. Nancy A. Maitlen, born 8/22/1832 in Clarke Co., OH.
Nancy married John L Fires.
3/4/1889, Nancy died in Redkey, Jay Co., IN.

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