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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Robert Biccombe of Somerset

2540288. Robert Biccombe

~1290, Robert born in England, s/o 5080576. Robert Biccombe I & 5080577. Agnes ?.

1329, Robert of Biccombe was sued, in 1329, by John of Leddred for breaking his close at Timberscombe. His estate at Biccombe, valued at 20s. a year, is described in one document as a knight’s fee [6 hides or 720 acres], and in another as a third of a fee, consisting of four oxgangs of land. [A "close" is described as enclosed land around or beside a building, courtyard, farm yard, or the precinct of a cathedral.]

1329–1336, Robert died in England. [In 1336 son John is in possession of the family estate.]

Children of Robert and ?:

i. John Biccombe (1270144), born ~1320 in England.

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