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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sir Philip Peyver

2954330. Sir Philip Peyver

Aft. 1294, Philip Peyvre born in Norfolk, England, s/o 5908660. Paulinus Peyver & 5908661. Matilda ?.

By 1315, Philip’s father died.

9/21/1315, “whereb Sir Thomas de Verdon, Knt., grants to Matilda, the widow of Pauline Peyvere, the custody of two-third parts of the Manor of Langale, until Philip, son and heir of Pauline and Matilda, shall attain his majority.” (S) The Norfolk Topographer’s Manual, Woodard, 1842, P77.

1321, Philip a witness to deeds. (S) Topo. Hist. of Norfolk, Blomdfield, 1805.

1341, Phil. Peyvere witness to a deed of lands in the town of Langhale. [Property in Langhale granted to his father in 1310 by his uncle John.]

10/13/1345, … William and John have granted to John de Verdon' and Maud the manors, fees and advowson, together with the homages and all services of Thomas Bacoun of Bacounisthorp', …, Philip Peyver, … (S) Feet of Fines, CP 25/1/287/42, no.361. [Suffolk, Norfolk.]

6/12/1346, Philip Peyvre, for 5 marks for a hobeler in Norfolk, to be with the king at his next crossing beyond seas. (S) CFRs.

Aft 1346, Philip died.

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

(S) Norfolk Archaeology, V4, 1855, P16. (S) Hist. of Norfolk, V8, 1808, Thorp-Market.

Family notes:

·         Pever [Peyvere], Sir Philip. Or, 2 bars sa., on one bar an annulet arg. (S) A List of Coat Armour Used In Norfolk Before the date of the first Herald's Visitation of 1563, Rye, 1917.

Child of Philip and ?:

i. Margaret Peyver (1477165), born ~1325 in England.

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