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Friday, July 9, 2010

Pierre Blais & Francoise Beaudoin

1000. Pierre Blais & 1001. Francoise Beaudoin

2/2/1673, Pierre born in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada; s/o 2000. Pierre Blais & 2001. Anne Perrault.

6/2/1676, Francoise born in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada; d/o 2002. Moise Jacques Beaudoin & 2003. Francoise Durand.

1681 Census in St Jean, Pierre, age 8, listed with his parents.

1681 census of Ste Famille, I.O.; Francoise, age 5, lives with her family.

11/9/1695 in St Francois I.O., Pierre, age 23, contracted to marry Francoise, both residents of St Jean, I.O. All parents named. Pierre’s mother deceased.

Pierre and Francoise settled in [future] St Vallier.

12/26/1715, Jean Fradet of St Vallier borrowed 40 livres from Pierre Blais.

2/3/1716 in St Vallier, Pierre attended the wedding of 964. Joseph Michel Gautron dit La Rochelle & 965. Marie Anne Lebrun dit Carriere.

8/3/1720, Jean Fradet got a receipt for the repayment of a 40 livre debt to Pierre Blais.

6/13/1726 in St Vallier, Pierre present at the wedding of his son Jean Baptiste.

12/23/1733, Pierre, age 60, died in Berthier.

2/26/1765, Francoise, age 89, died in Berthier.

Children of Pierre and Francoise:

i. Pierre Blais, born 9/25/1696 in St. Michel, Quebec, Canada.
11/13/1720 in St. Francois, I.O., Pierre married Elizabeth Bilodeau, d/o Antoine.

ii. Marie Francoise Blais, born December 16, 1698 in La Durantaye, Quebec, Canada.
2/11/1702, Francoise died.

iii. Jean Baptiste Blais (500), born 2/10/1700 in St Michel, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada.

iv. Marie Francoise Blais, born 6/3/1703 in La Durantaye, Quebec¸ Canada.
10/25/722 in Berthier en bas, Francoise married Jean Baptiste Tanguay.
11/4/1729 Francoise died in St. Vallie.

v. Louis Blais, born 9/29/705 in La Durantaye, Quebec, Canada.
8/17/1733 in Berthier en Bas, Louis married Marie Anne d/o 1876. Jean Pascal Mercier & 1877. Marie Madeleine Boucher.
5/24/1780, Louis died in Berthier.

vi. Marie Anne Blais, born 3/12/1707 in Quebec, Canada.
6/17/1726 in Berthier Sur Mer, Anne married Guillaume Lemieux.
8/26/1785 Anne died in St. Vallier , Bellechasse.

vii. Augustin Blais, born 11/10/710 in Berthier sur Mer, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.
11/13/1730 in Berthier sur Mer, Montmagny, Augustin married Genevieve Brochu.
9/11/1734 in St. Jean, I.O., Augustin married Marie Madelaine Fortier.
11/13/1781, Augustin died in St. Vallier, Bellechasse.

viii. Michel Blais, born 1711 in Berthier Sur Mur, Quebec, Canada.
6/25/1741 in Kamouraska, Michel married Marie Francoise Lizotte.
9/8/1783, Michel died in St. Pierre, Montmagny.

ix. Elisabeth Blais, born 9/2/1712 in Berthier Sur Mer, Quebec, Canada.

x. Joseph Marie Blais, born 7/18/1717 in St. Vallier, Quebec Canada.
7/11/1740 in St. Vallier Joseph married Marie Charlotte Leblond.
5/5/1806, Joseph died in St. Pierre de Sud, Montmagny.

xi. Marie Josephte Nathalie Blais, born 1/28/1719 in St. Francois du Sud, Quebec, Canada.
11/23/734 in Berthier sur Mer, Josephte married Joseph Blouin.

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