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Friday, July 9, 2010

Noel Roy & Marguerite Rabouin

1002. Noel Roy & 1003. Marguerite Rabouin

1663, Noel born in Beaupre, Quebec, Canada; s/o 1940. Nicolas Roy & 1941. Jeanne Lelievre.

1667, Noel is living with his grandfather Guillaume Lelievre.

11/19/1679, Marguerite born in Ste Famille, I.O., Quebec, Canada; d/o 2006. Jean Rabouin & 2007. Marguerite Leclerc.

1681 Census, Noel is in the employ of Claude Denis Beaupre.

4/27/1690 in St Joseph de la Pointe de Levis, Noel, age 27, married 1st Jeanne Therese Lacasse, age 18. All parents named. Attending: Jean Fournier, Elei Demolon, Rene Rampillon, Thomas Gale.

4/27/1700 in Ste Famille, I.O., Noel, widower of age 36 and a resident of St Laurent de la Durantaye, married Marguerite, age 18 and a resident of Ste Famille I.O. Noel’s previous spouse named. Marguerite’s parents named. Attending: Emery Throttier, Nicolas Leroy, Andre Gautier.

7/1715 in St. Vallier, Noel “leRoy” was the ‘substitute trustee” in the inventory of the assets of Jeanne Helie le Breton. [Noel’s son would marry Jeanne’s daughter.]

6/13/1726 in St Vallier, Noel present at the wedding of his daughter Marie Marguerite.

2/6/1731, Noel died in St Vallier after being sick for 6 months. Present at the burial were his brother Jean Baptiste Leroy; brother-in-laws Etienne Corriveau and Martin LeBlond; relatives Ignace Bouchard, Jean Baptiste Blay, and Philippe Chartier; sons Jean Baptiste, Joseph, Augustin, Francois, and Louis; nephews Etienne Leroy and Martin Leblond.

1759, Marguerite died.

Children of Noel and Jeanne:

i. Jeanne Roy, born 1691 in Quebec, Canada.

ii. Elisabeth Roy, born 1693 in Quebec, Canada.
11/6/1718 in Quebec, Elisabeth married Gabriel Bilodeau.
4/7/1730 in Berthier sur Mer, Elisabeth married Philippe Carrier.

iii. Noel Roy, born 6/4/1698 in Quebec, Canada.

Children of Noel and Marguerite:

i. Marguerite Roy, born 12/19/1700 in Canada. [Died an infant.]

ii. Marie Margaret Roy, born 11/7/1701 in Canada. [Died an infant.]

iii. Jean Baptiste Roy, born 4/13/1704 in St Vallier, Canada.
1/25/1725 in Berthier en Bas, Jean married Angelique Lacasse.
2/5/1770 in St Vallier, Jean married Marguerite Fradet.

iv. Joseph Noel Roy (974), born 6/21/1706 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.

v. Marie Marguerite Roy (501), born 7/15/1708 in St. Vallier, Bellechase, Quebec.

vi. Francois Roy, born 5/12/1711 in St. Vallier, Bellechasse, Canada.
1/25/1733 in St. Vallier, Bellechasse, Francois married Marie Anne Fortier.

vii. Augustine Roy, born in 1713 in Quebec, Canada.
6/13/1735 in St Vallier, Augustin married Marie Isabelle Fradet.

viii. Pierre Roy, born in 1714 in Quebec, Canada.
11/11/1737 in Berthier sur Mer, Pierre married Francoise Allaire.
8/11/1750 in St Pierre I.O., Pierre married Genevieve Bouchard.

ix. Louis David Roy, born 6/2/1715 in in St. Vallier, Bellechasse, Canada.
2/2/1738 in St Vallier, Louis married Brigitte Marceau.

x. Jacques Philippe Roy, born 7/26/1717 in in St. Vallier, Bellechasse, Canada.
2/21/1745 in St Vallier, Jacques married Cecile Fradet.
1/18/1750 in St Vallier, Jacques married widow Elisabeth Courteau.
1/11/1755 in St Vallier, Jacques married Marie Josephe Brochu.

xi. Etienne Roy, born 3/31/1720 in in St. Vallier, Bellechasse, Canada.
Etienne married Marie marthe Morisset.
1/15/1741 in St Vallier, Etienne married Marie Reine Fradet.

xii. Marie Agathe Roy, born 11/30/1722 in in St. Vallier, Bellechasse, Canada.
3/17/1743 in St Vallier, Agathe married Andre Patry.

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