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Friday, July 9, 2010

Antoine Boutin dit Laplante & Genevieve Gandin

1016. Antoine Boutin dit Laplante & 1017. Genevieve Gandin

1642, Antoine born in Vernon, Poitou, France; s/o §Jean Louis Boutin & §Georgette Peimbaut.

1/30/1649, Genevieve born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 2034. Barthelemy Gandin & 2035. Marthe Cognac.

8/10/1659, Genevieve confirmed in Quebec.

Aft. 1661, Antoine, a soldier, was sent to Quebec from France. He received a small piece of land near the St Charles river from the Governor. Antoine was stationed at Chateau St Louis in Quebec, serving as a the drummer of the garrison.

3/23/1664, Antoine confirmed in Quebec.

11/3/1665 in Notre Dame de Quebec, Antoine, a resident of Syllery, married Genevieve, a resident of Notre Dame de Quebec. All parents named. Antoine and Genevieve received a piece of land on the coast of St. Fran├žois-Xavier near Sillery from her father as a wedding gift.

3/20/ 1667, Antoine contracted to use a larger parcel of land along the St. Lawrence River in the seigneury of Dombourg [Neuville.]

1672, Antoine’s landlord revised the land contract with more restrictive conditions that many, including Antoine, refused to agree to. [The ensuing lawsuit lasted until 1678.]

1676, Antoine, age 34, died.

7/18/1677 in Neuville, Genevieve married 2nd Jean Beland. [6 children.]

12/4/1726 in Neuville, Quebec, Genevieve, age 77, died.

Children of Antoine and Genevieve:

i. Jean Baptiste Boutin, born 7/22/1666 in Quebec, Canada.
7/27/1692 in Quebec, Jean married Jeanne Audebout, d/o Michel.
12/20/1751, Jean, age 85, died in Berthier, Quebec.

ii. Marie Genevieve Boutin, born 11/3/1668 in Chateau Richer, Canada.
12/22/1690 in Beauport, Genevieve married Jean Baptiste Marotte.

iii. Louis Boutin (508), born 2/15/1671 in Quebec, Canada.

iv. Marie Francoise Boutin, born 4/20/1673 in Quebec, Canada.
1/31/1695 in Neuville, Francoise married Pierre Joseph Ferre.
9/5/1745, Francoise, age 72, died.

v. Guillaume Boutin, born 6/15/1675 in Quebec, Canada.

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