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Friday, July 9, 2010

Jean Choret & Claire Baucher

1018. Jean Choret & 1019. Claire Baucher

11/24/1657, Jean born in Quebec, Canada; s/o 2036. Robert Mathieu Choret & 2037. Sebastienne Veillon.

4/8/1668, Claire born in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada; d/o 2038. Guillaume Baucher & 2039. Marie Anne Paradis.

10/1681 in I.O., Quebec, Claire lives with her family.

10/30/1684 in Ste Famille, I.O., Jean, age 25 and a resident of St Pierre, married Claire, age 16 and a resident of Ste Famille, I.O. All parents named. Attending: Jean’s brother Robert, Jean’s brother-in-law Jean Moricet, Claude Guion, Nicolas Catrin.

6/6/1699, Jean, age 42, died in St Pierre, I.O.

2/22/1700 in St Pierre, I.O., Claire married 2nd Jean Valliere, s/o Pierre & Anne Laqoue. [4 children.]

2/15/1707, Claire died in St Pierre, I.O.

Children of Jean and Claire:

i. Claire Choret, born 2/17/1686 in St Pierre I.O., Canada. [Died an infant.]

ii. Jean Baptiste Choret, born 7/9/1687 in St Pierre I.O., Canada.
8/10/1710 in Kamouraska, Jean married Marie Anne Ouellet, d/o Rene.
6/13/1777, Jean, age 90, died in Kamouraska.

iii. Marguerite Catherine Choret, born 1/31/1689 in St Pierre I.O., Canada.
11/16/1707 in Ste Famille, Catherine married Jean Boissonneau.
10/1/1736 in St Jean, Catherine married 2nd Pierre Lepage.
2/31/1743, Marguerite, age 54, died in St Jean, I.O.

iv. Anne Choret, born 12/27/1690 in St Pierre I.O., Canada.
7/10/1706, Anne died.

v. Pierre Choret, born 2/12/1693 in St Pierre I.O., Canada.
10/29/1721 in Neuville, Pierre married Marie Genevieve Lienard, d/o Jean.

vi. Marie Choret, born 1/20/1695 in St Pierre I.O., Canada.
11/25/1705, Marie died.

vii. Francoise Choret, born 11/27/1696 in St Pierre I.O., Canada.
4/26/1718 in St Pierre, Francoise married Jacques Lisse, s/o Zacharie.
2/23/1757, Francoise died in St Pierre.

viii. Anne Charlotte Choret (509), born 12/18/1698 in St Pierre I.O., Canada.

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