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Friday, July 9, 2010

Jean Baptiste Corriveau & Marie Francoise Elie dit Breton

1022. Jean Baptiste Corriveau & 1023. Marie Francoise Elie dit Breton

9/5/1683, Jean born in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada; s/o 2044. Etienne Corriveau & 2045. Catherine Bureau.

3/28/1693, Francoise born in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada; d/o 2046. Francois Elie & 2047. Francoise Bidet.

1/28/1713 in St Michel, Jean contracted to marry Francoise. Jean Fradet, husband of Jeanne Elie, was a witness. All parents named.

11/17/1738 in St Vallier, Jean, “Officier de Milice”, attended the wedding of his daughter Marie Marguerite.

1/14/1750, Jean, age 67, died in St Vallier.

6/26/1752 in St Vallier, Francoise married 2nd Jean Baptiste Montminy, s/o Guillaume.

11/19/1762, Francoise, age 69, died in St Michel.

Children of Jean and Francoise:

i. Josephe Corriveau, born 1/27/1714 in St Vallier, Canada.
10/29/1743 in St Vallier, Josephe married Antoine Blais, s/o Antoine, s/o 2000. Pierre Blais.
11/11/1771 in St Vallier, Josephe, age 57, married Louis Labrecque, age 69.

ii. Jean Corriveau, born 9/17/1716 in St Vallier, Canada.
1/15/1748 in Montmagny, Jean married Felicite Courteau, d/o 998. Joseph Courteau & 999. Marie Felicite Robin.

iii. Marie Marguerite Corriveau (511), born 1/8/1721 in St Vallier, Canada.

iv. Francois Andre Corriveau, born 1/6/1723 in Cote St Jean, Canada.
10/16/1747 in St Vallier, Francois married Elisabeth Courteau, d/o 998. Joseph Courteau & 999. Marie Felicite Robin.
10/23/1750, Francois, age 27, died in St Vallier.

v. Jean Baptiste Corriveau, born 4/5/1724 in St Vallier, Canada.
11/9/1750 in Montmagny, Jean married Marie Simoneau, d/o Jean Baptiste.

vi. Marie Anne Corriveau, born 1727 in St Vallier, Canada.
1/8/1753 in St Vallier, Anne married Francois Xavier Caron.
2/14/1763, Anne, age 36, married 2nd Jean Gauthier, age 39.
3/19/1787, Anne, age 60, died in Cap St Ignace.

vii. Genevieve Corriveau, born 4/4/1733 in St Vallier, Canada.
8/31/1761 in St Vallier, Genevieve married Charles Pouliot, s/o Charles.
8/26/1801, Genevieve, age 68, died in St Charles de Bellechasse.

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