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Monday, July 19, 2010

M: 1352

1352. John Harrod & 1353. Caroline Dewey

~1700, John born in England.

1712-15, Sarah born in PA; d/o §James Moore & §Frances Ruston Gay.

1722 in Luton, England, John married Caroline Dewey.

1722, John and Caroline emigrated to America.

1733, Caroline killed by Indians. [Multiple versions of the event exist, but legend says her hand had been cut off to take her ring; but that John returned in time to drive off the Indians and recover her hand.]

1734 in PA, John married Sarah.

John moved his family to an area west of the Blue Ridge mountains in VA.

1746, John learned he was homesteading on land already deeded. There was also an increase in attacks by the local Indians.

John decided to move his family north, closer to the PA territory, in an area called Big Cove.

1754, John died on his farm.

11/1755, because of increased Indian attacks, Sarah moved her family back to PA.

1772, Sarah was living with her son James in Bedford Co., PA.

1775, Sarah died.

[Some dates are doubtful, and there seems to be quite a lot of dissent about specifics; but the basic family lore seems to be substantive; the first family sketch being done by grandson William Harrod Jr.]

Children of John and Caroline:

i. Thomas Harrod, born 1724 in PA.

ii. Eleanor Harrod, born 1725 in PA.

iii. John Harrod (676), born 1727-33 in PA.

Children of John and Sarah:

i. Samuel Harrod, born ~1736 in PA/VA.

ii. William Harrod, born 12/9/1737 in VA.

iii. Rachel Harrod, born 1739 in VA.

iv. James Harrod (676), born 1742-45 in VA.

v. Levi Harrod, born 1/2/1750 in VA.

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