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Monday, July 19, 2010

M: 1250

1250. Nathaniel Harris & 1251. Miriam Brooks

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10/8/1693, Nathaniel born in Southampton, Long Island, NY; s/o 2500. Thomas Harris & 2501. Ruth James.

8/16/1698, Miriam born in Salem Co., NJ.

1715, Nathaniel Harris served in the Colonial Militia, South side of the Cohansey, under the command of Capt. Joseph Sealey. (S) Documents Relating to the Colonial and Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol. XXXIV, Vol. V-1771-1780, P230.

Nathaniel Miriam.

3/26/1720, Nathaniel was age 26 when daughter Abigail was born.

2/13/1722, Miriam died in Hopewell Twp., Cumberland Co., NJ.

Nathaniel bought most of his land in Hopewell from the West New Jersey Society; land located about 45 miles from Philidelphia.

1722, Nathaniel married Elizabeth Harris [8 children.]

1728, Nathaniel a member of the Presbyterian Church at Greenwich, NJ. [Bounded by Hopewell and Cohansey creeks. Other members: Thomas Ewing and Thomas Read, both mentioned in Nathaniel’s will.]

1735, Nathaniel, a member of the Presbyterian Church at Greenwich, gave £2 for building of a new church. [This one stood until 1835 when it was torn down.]

4/17/1738, Nathaniel a witness to the will of Ephraim Buck of Cohansey, Salem Co., a weaver.

6/27/1770 in Hopewell, Nathaniel wrote his will: yeoman; will of. Son, Nathaniel, 10 shillings. Son, John, 10 shillings. Son, Jonathan, 10 shillings. Son, Noah, 10 shillings. Son, Josiah, the plantation where I dwell, and my salt marsh in Greenwich. Grandson, Ebenezer Harris, my lands which I bought of Edward Bullen, and since of the New Jersey Society, except 20 acres at the north end, which I give to my grandson, David Harris, son of David Harris. My son, David's widow, shall enjoy the said lands while she remains a widow. Daughter Hannah Ewing, 10 pounds. Daughter, Ruth Whitticar, 10 pounds. Daughters, Abigail Alderman and Elizabeth Bowen, each 5 shillings. Executors - son, Noah and my friend, Thomas Read. Witnesses - John Wethern (Worthington), Maskell Ewing, Thomas Ewing Jr. [Will proved 11/14/1775.]

11/2/1775, Nathaniel died in Hopewell Twp., Cumberland Co., NJ.

Family notes:
• 10/13/1767, Nathaniel Jr, son of Elizabeth, living of the family land, put the property up for sale. (S) Pennsylvania Gazette, No. 2023. “A Valuable Plantation, containing about 150 Acres, … a good Dwelling-house, Barn, Orchards of excellent Fruit, such a Apples, Peaches, and Cherries, … situated in Hopewell, Cumberland County, New-Jersey. The House stands open to Caesarea River, alias Cohaney Creek, on which the Meadow lies, and being on a rising Ground, commands a very fine Prospect, is about three Miles from the Courthouse, and convenient to Mill, and several Meetings, 45 Miles distant from Phildelphia …”

Children of Nathaniel and Miriam:

i. David Harris, born ~1716 in Salem Co., NJ.

ii. Hannah Harris, born ~1717 in Salem Co., NJ.
Hannah married ? Ewing.

iii. Miriam Harris, born ~1718 in Salem Co., NJ.

iv. Abigail Harris, born 3/26/1720 in Cohansey, Salem Co., NJ.
Abigail married Daniel Alderman., s/o Thomas and Mary Seagrave.
Abigail died in Duplin Co., NC.

v. Elizabeth Harris (625), born 1/16/1721 in Cohansey, Salem Co., NJ.

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