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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pierre Vallee & Marie Therese LeBlanc

1796. Pierre Vallee & 1797. Marie Therese LeBlanc

6/6/1636, Pierre born in St Saens, Seine Maritime, France; s/o 3592. Pierre Lavallee & 3593. Marie Madeleine Dumesnil.

5/3/1651, Therese born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 3594. Leonard Leblanc & 3595. Marie Marguerite Riton.

Pierre traveled to New France.

12/28/1657, Pierre “Lavallee” godfather to a native American Indian, godmother Madeleine Hertel, future wife of Pierre Bailloquet.

2/2/1660 [Feast of the Candles], Pierre and his brother Jean confirmed in Chateau Richer.

6/3/1664, Therese, age 13, confirmed at L’Hotel Dieu in Quebec.

11/16/1664 in Beauport, Pierre Lavallee dit Valle arranged a contract to marry Therese at the home of her parents. Present were her mother and father, his brother Jean, Robert Giffard – Lord of Beauport, John Jinchereau & wife Marie Giffard, Rene Chevalier & wife Jeanne Langlois, Nicolas Jinchereau St Denis, Noel Langlois, Paul & Jeanne de Rainville, and Pierre Marco. Therese was given 1 cow and 2 pigs by her parents.

1/12/1665 in Beauport, Pierre, of the Parish of St Jean, Archeveche de Rouen, France, married Therese, a resident of Beauport. All parents named in wedding document. Attending: Paul de Rainville, Paul Vachon.

1666 census in Beauport, Pierre a surgeon age 27, Therese age 15.

1667 census in Beauport, Pierre has 2 cattle and 6 arpents cleared.

8/26/1667, Siegneur Joseph Giffard granted Pierre 4 arpents frontal in St Joseph, and 2 other wooded arpents locally.

9/22/1670, Pierre acquired from Giffard 1 arpent frontage by 20 deep in the town of Fargy.

4/30/1673, Pierre bought 81 perches in area from Jean Gallop for 20 livres. On the same day, Pierre bought 20 arpents from his neighbor Jean Gibault for 220 livres.

10/21/1674, Pierre a godfather or witness to an Amerindian baptism.

1676, Nicolas Belanger ordered to pay Therese Leblanc, the wife of Doctor Pierre Lavallee, his neighbor, the sum of 3 livres for damages and interest for half the value of the porcupine in question, and expenses were reduced to 6 livres.

1676, of Pierre, “The Jesuits, wrote Michel Langlois, counted him among the benefactors of their mission of Chicoutimi, where in 1676 he helped build the first chapel.”

6/10/1677, Pierre a godfather or witness to an Amerindian baptism.

6/13/1677, Pierre a witness to an Amerindian marriage of Jean Oupaous.

4/29/1678, Pierre mortgaged his 4-year-old oxen against a 102 livres 4 sol loan from banker Nicolas Dupont.

9/30/1678, in court in the absence of her husband, Therese admitted that they could not pay a dept owed to Marie Bermaille at that time. Nicolas Belanger held a grate, a pot, 2 copper cauldrons, a fry pan, and 2 bulls in escrow. [Pierre was frequently away with Jesuit missionaries.]

10/8/1678, Pierre a godfather or witness to an Amerindian baptism.

7/17/1680, Pierre a godfather or witness to an Amerindian baptism.

1681 census of Beauport: Pierre had 1 gun, 2 oxen, 2 cows, and 40 arpents under cultiviation.

9/1/1681, Pierre had to pay Vincent Brunet, a resident of Beauport, 79 livres 4 sols.

3/23/1683, Pierre order by the Provost to immediately pay Charles Aubert 220 livres 9 sols 5 deniers. Pierre appealed to the Soverign Council.

7/2/1685, the Soverign Council was to hear Pierre’s appeal, but Pierre could not be found. Therese appeared and asked for a postponement. She said he was away in employ of sieur Josias Boisseau, director and general agent for the interests of the king’s farm.

Pierre died.

3/12/1686, Widow Therese Leblanc required to pay merchant Francois Pachot 148 livres 19 sols 3 deniers for merchandise delivered. Therese promised to repay him in grain.

10/21/1686, Date of inventory of Pierre’s assets: 3 old axes, 1 gun – with a broken barrel, 1 copper chandelier, 1 bin, 1 round table, … 2 oxen, 1 steer, 5 pigs, 5 hens, 1 rooster, 340 sheaves of wheat, 16 minots of peas. Debts-assets left Therese 50 livres, a house, and several pieces of land.

10/29/1686 in Beauport, Therese married widower Toussaint Giroux, linen weaver, with 12 children.

10/9/1700, Sons Michel and Charles allowed Therese to gift her property to their brother Pierre, who would then support her the rest of her life.

2/15/1715, Toussaint Giroux died.

7/10/1729, Therese, age 78, died in Quebec, buried in the General Hospital.

(S) PRDH Couple #1813. (S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XX.

Children of Pierre and Therese:

i. Theresa Vallee, born ~1665 in Quebec, Canada.
10/29/1722, Theresa, age 54, died in Beauport. [Never married.]

ii. Marie Vallee, born bef. 1666 in Quebec, Canada.
2/10/1687 in Beauport, Marie married Jean Parent, s/o 3598. Pierre Parent & 3599. Jeanne Badeau.
12/10/1720, Marie died in Beauport.

iii. Suzanne Vallee, born 3/12/1670 in Quebec, Canada.
2/10/1687 in Beauport, Suzanne married Rene Beaudin in the presence of Rene Remy, Paul Vachon, Noel Langlois and Leonard Leblanc.
12/8/1729, Suzanne, age 59, died in LaPrairie.

iv. Marguerite Vallee, born 2/17/1672 in Quebec, Canada.
2/21/1672, at Marguerite’s baptism, godparents Noel LeBlanc and Marguerite Langlois, wife of Paul Vachon.
1/30/1690 in Beauport, Marguerite married Jean Baptiste de Rainville, s/o John & Suzanne Badeau; in the presence of Leonard Leblanc, his grandfather, Pierre Marcoux, Toussaint Giroux and Rene Beaudin.
10/31/1749, Marguerite died in Beauport.

v. Pierre Vincent Vallee, born 9/29/1674 in Beauport, Canada.
11/23/1699 in Beauport, Pierre married Marie Madeleine, d/o 3588. Paul Vachon & 3589. Marguerite Langlois.
7/21/1704 in Beauport, Pierre married 2nd Marie Madeleine Courault, widow of Rene Parent.
11/10/1751 in Quebec, Pierre died.

vi. Michel Vallee (898), born bef. 1676 in Beauport, Canada.

vii. Louis Charles Vallee, born bef. 1678 in Beauport, Canada.
9/12/1707 in Beauport, Charles married Genevieve Marcoux, d/o 3586. Pierre Marcoux & 3587. Marthe Rainville. Present: Noel Maillou, Jean De Rainville, André Marcou and Jean Gagnier.
2/21/1753, Charles died in Beauport.

viii. Nicolas Marie Vallee, baptized 4/28/1681 in Beauport, Canada.
At baptism, godparents being Nicolas Jinchereau Saint Denis and Marie-Madeleine Marsolet, wife of François Guyon.
11/22/1712 in Beauport, Nicolas married Marie Louise Lefebvre, d/o Jean Lefebvre dit Chartrand & Marie Crest.
7/23/1736 in Quebec, Nicolas married 2nd Anne Marie Benoit.
8/1/1766, Nicolas died in Beauport.

ix. Marie Marthe Vallee, born 4/22/1683 in Beauport, Canada.
4/25/1683, at baptism, godparents Pierre Morel and Marthe De Rainville, wife of Pierre Marcoux.
8/28/1702 in Riviere Ouelle, Marthe married Charles Miville dit Deschenes, s/o Jacques.
3/21/1748, Marthe died in La Pocatiere.

ix. Marie Charlotte Vallee, born 9/20/1685 in Beauport, Canada.
8/22/1707 in Beauport, Charlotte married Pierre Chauveau, a cooper, navigator, and Captaine of milice.
9/18/1756, Charlotte died in Beauport.

Children of Toussaint and Therese:

i. Marie Angelique Giroux, born 2/14/1688 in Beauport, Canada.
1/7/1707 in Beauport, Angelique married Vincent Rodrique.
2/15/1729 in Beauport, Angelique married Jacques Paradis.
7/30/1746, Angelique died in Beauport.

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