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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jean Francois Baugis & Marie Therese Parent

1798. Jean Francois Baugis & 1799. Marie Therese Parent

8/10/1663, Jean born in Quebec, Canada; s/o 3596. Michel Baugis & 3597. Marie Madeleine Dubois.

1666 Census in Beauport, Jean Beaugis, 3 years old, lives with his parents.

1667 Census, Jean [Francois], age 4, lives with his parents in Beauport.

10/28/1673, Therese born in Beauport, Canada; d/o 3598. Pierre Parent & 3599. Jeanne Badeau.

4/7/1681, Jean confirmed in Beauport.

1681 Census, Jean [Francois], age 18, lives with his parents in Beauport.

1681 census of Beauport, Therese lives with her parents and 12 siblings.

1/11/1689 in Beauport, Jean married Therese. Both residents of Beauport, neither able to sign. All parents named. Attending: Paul Vachon, Noel Langlois Traversy, Joseph Rancourt, Jean Badeau.

7/29/1693, Jean Baugis, Jean Lefebvre, and Pierre Creste bought LaCloutiererie in Beauport.

2/3/1712 in Beauport, Jean present at the wedding of his daughter Genevieve.

10/17/1720, Jean, given age 60, died in Beauport; buried the next day. Attending: Noel Duprac, Andre Marcou.

4/7/1767, Therese, age 94, died in Quebec.

(S) PRDH Family #6274.

Children of Jean and Therese:

i. Jeanne Therese Baugis, born 1/21/1690 in Beauport, Canada.
8/4/1710 in Beauport, Jeanne married Noel Marcoux.
5/31/1758, Jeanne died in Beauport.

ii. Marie Angelique Baugis, born 3/27/1691 in Beauport, Canada.
5/13/1724 in Beauport, Angelique married Jacques Marandeau.
12/4/1765, Angelique died in Beauport.

iii. Genevieve Baugis (899), born 11/30/1692 in Beauport, Canada.

iv. Marie Anne Baugis, born 2/4/1695 in Beauport, Canada.
3/2/1703, Anne died in Beauport.

v. Jean Baugis, born 1/28/1696 in Beauport, Canada.
11/8/1723 in Beauport, Jean married Marie Drouin.
9/16/1778, Jean died in Beauport.

vi. Toussaint Baugis, born 11/1/1697 in Beauport, Canada.
2/25/1726 in Lachine, Toussaint married Elizabeth Isabelle Messague dit Laplaine.
9/13/1775, Toussaint died in Lachine.

vii. Louis Baugis, born 1/11/1699 in Beauport, Canada.
10/20/1727 in Quebec, Louis married Marie Anne Metayer dit Stonge.
4/11/1751, Louis died in Beauport.
[Marie Charlotte, Pierre, and Noel: born 1700-1705].

xi. Charles Baugis, born 10/21/1706 in Beauport, Canada.
8/31/1739 in Beauport, Charles married Marie Elisabeth Isabelle Crete.

xii. Paul Baugis, born 5/9/1709 in Beauport, Canada.
11/18/1732 in Montreal, Paul married Marie Charlotte Larcheveque.

xiii. Marie Madeleine Baugis, born 7/21/1711 in Beauport, Canada.
7/11/1729, in Beauport, Madeleine married Jean Baptiste Lesage dit Lepiedmontois.
10/4/1729, Madeleine died in Beauport.

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