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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Francois Labadie & Jeanne Hebert

1818. Francois Labadie & 1819. Jeanne Hebert

1644, Francois born in St Leger, Saintes, Saintonge, France; s/o §Francois Labadie & §Marie Renoust.

1657, Jeanne born in Canada; d/o 3638. Francois Hebert & 3639. Anne Fauconnier.

Francois traveled to New France where he became a domestic for Jacques Goulet.

1667 census of Comte de Montmorency, Jeanne, age 9, lives with her parents.

1668, Jeanne, age 15, was attacked by a neighbor, Antoine Gaboury.

10/23/1668, Antoine was flogged and sentenced to 9 years in a galley. Jeanne was sent to the Ursuline nuns where she remained for 2 years. 250 livres from the sale of Antoine’s property was used to pay for her time with the Ursulines.

4/28/1671 in L’Ange Gardien, I.O., Francois, age 27, married Jeanne, age 18 [but other records indicate she was 14], the 2nd marriage recorded in L’Ange Gardien. Francois’ origin is given, Jeanne a resident of L’Ange Gardien. All parents identified. Jeanne’s parents residents of L’Ange Gardien. Attending: Jacques Goulet, Louis Levasseur, Nicolas Roussin.

1681 census of Neuville; Francois 39, Jeanne 28, daughter Jeanne 8, daughter Elisabeth 3.

3/3/1684, Jeanne’s brother Guillaume bought her share of the paternal property.

2/25/1685, Francoise and Jeanne live in Pointe aux Trembles. Jeanne’s father lives with them.

11/8/1700 in Neuville, Francois attended the wedding of his daughter Marie Anne.

4/1/1708, in Neuville, Portneuf, Francois attended the baptism of his grandson 454. Eustache Sylvestre dit Champagne.

11/23/1720, Francois, age 76, died in Quebec.

2/10/1727, Jeanne, age 74, died in Neuville.

Children of Francois and Jeanne:

i. Jeanne Labadie, born 3/12/1674 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.
11/23/1694 in Pointe aux Trembles, Jeanne married Nicolas Sylvestre, brother of Marie Anne’s husband.
7/6/1700 in Ste Foy, Jeanne married Thomas Marier.
10/26/1733 in Montreal, Jeanne married Charles Michel Miville.

ii. Elisabeth Labadie, born 12/16/1678 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.
11/24/1698 in Pointe aux Trembles, Elisabeth married Louis Sylvestre, brother of Marie Anne’s husband.
1/24/1701 in Ste Foy, Elisabeth married Antoine Bisson.
11/25/1749, Elisabeth, age 71, died in Ste Foy.

iii. Marie Anne Labadie (909), born 1/12/1682 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.

iv. Marie Francoise Labadie, born 11/16/1687 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.
9/3/1708 in Neuville, Francoise married Simon Bisson.
6/6/1728 in Quebec, Francoise married Pierre Molleur.

v. Marie Charlotte Labadie, born 12/12/1690 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.
Charlotte was a domestic for Jean de Lestage.
5/23/1717 in Quebec, Charlotte married Jean Baptiste Bonneau, widower of Elisabeth Gagne.

vi. Francois Labadie, born 4/5/1693 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.
11/21/1723 in Quebec, Francois married Marguerite Lecouty.

vii. Scolastique Labadie, born 6/7/1695 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.
2/7/1703, Scolastique, age 8, died.

viii. Louis Joseph Labadie, born 11/7/1697 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.
11/27/1719 in Quebec, Louis married Marie Anne, d/o Pierre Martin & Marie Madeleine Lemieux.
9/30/1763 in Quebec, Louis married Gabrielle Laroche.
6/22/1783, Louis, age 86, died in St Etienne, Beaumont.

ix. Pierre Labadie, born 2/25/1701 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.
9/24/1725 in Charlesbourg, Pierre married Marie Louise Gervais, d/o Jacques.

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