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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pierre Tremblay & Marie Madeleine Roussin

1828. Pierre Tremblay & 1829. Marie Madeleine Roussin

8/10/1660, Pierre born in Quebec, Canada; s/o 3656. Pierre Tremblay & 3657. Anne Achon.

1666 census of Comte de Montmorency; Pierre, age 5, lives with his parents.

11/25/1669, Madeleine born in Chateau Richer, Canada; d/o 1820. Nicolas Roussin & 3659. Marie Madeleine Paradis.

1681 Census, Marie-Madeleine lives with her father and step-mother in Beaupre, Montmorency.

1681 census of Comte de Montmorency; Pierre, age 20, lives with his parents.

11/3/1683 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Pierre, age 27, married Marie Madeleine Simard, age 17, d/o 1824. Noel Simard dit Lombrette. Pierre’s parents named. Attending: Marie’s grandfather [3648] Pierre Simard, Pierre Dupre.

8/1684, Madeleine Simard died.

11/15/1685 in L’Ange Gardien, Pierre, widower and resident of St Joachim, married Madeleine, resident of L’Ange Gardien. Pierre’s previous spouse named. Madeleine’s parents named, her mother deceased. Attending: Jacques Goulet, Charled Godin, Jacques Huppe, Charles Henou.

3/18/1710, Pierre became proprietor of 2 parts of the Seigneurie des Eboulements, one of the biggest properties in the country. He paid 650 pounds for the titles. [This title was inherited for the next 100 years.]

1710-1711, Pierre had the manor house and mill constructed.

11/12/1715 in Baie St Paul, Pierre attended the wedding of his son Etienne.

Marie gave the land for the 1st church in Petitie Riviere.

10/17/1736, Pierre, Seigneur of les Eboulements, given age 78, died in Petitie Rivierie St Francois, buried the next day. Attending: sons Etienne, Nicolas, Francois, Joseph; Pierre’s brother Louis, Pierre’s nephew Francois Peron.

1741, Madeleine gave her 1st land grant to her son Jean.

6/26/1752, Madeleine conceded the Seigneury to her son Etienne.

(S) PRDH Family #5597.

Children of Pierre and Madeleine:

i. Rosalie Tremblay, born 1/14/1687 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
4/21/1711 in Baie St Paul, Rosalie married Pierre Louis Girard.
8/27/1711, Rosalie died in Baie St Paul.

ii. Marie Madeleine Tremblay (919), born 7/17/1688 in Baie St Paul, Canada.

iii. Genevieve Tremblay, born 1/23/1690 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
2/8/1690, Genevieve died in Baie St Paul.

iv. Etienne Tremblay (914), born 12/25/1690 in Petitie Rivierie St Francois, Canada.

v. Genevieve Tremblay, born 2/4/1693 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
4/18/1725 in Baie St Paul, Genevieve married Etienne Simard dit Lombrette.
3/8/1726, Genevieve died in Baie St Paul.

vi. Louis Tremblay, born 2/23/1695 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
6/25/1716 in Baie St Paul, Louis married Madeleine Bonneau Labecassee.
10/22/1772, Louis died in Les Eboulements.

vii. Marie Tremblay, born 3/13/1697 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
6/19/1719 in Baie St Paul, Marie married Julien Fortin dit Bellefontaine, s/o 1830. Jacques Fortin & 1831. Catherine Miville.
11/9/1750 in St Joachim, Marie married Louis Pare, s/o 1826. Noel Pare & 1827. Marguerite Caron.

viii. Nicolas Tremblay, born 1/22/1699 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
1/18/1724 in Baie St Paul, Nicolas married Louise Simard dit Lombrette.
8/15/1748, Nicolas died in Les Eboulements.

ix. Jean Tremblay, born 3/22/1701 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
4/21/1726 in Baie St Paul, Jean married Marie Cahterine Lavoie.

x. Francois Xavier Tremblay, born 11/15/1702 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
6/11/1726 in Baie St Paul, Francois married Marie Reine Dufour.
12/14/1778, Francois died in Petitie Riviere St Francois.

xi. Augustin Tremblay, born 8/24/1704 in Baie St Paul, Canada.

xii. Joseph Tremblay, born 6/28/1706 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
2/7/1732 in Baie St Paul, Joseph married Genevieve Gonthier dit St Michel.

xiii. Marie Angelique Tremblay, born 8/17/1708 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
11/23/1729 in Baie St Paul, Angelique married Jacques Lavoie.

xiv. Marie Anne Tremblay, born 8/13/1710 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
10/29/1732 in Baie St Paul, Anne married Joseph Dufour.
9/6/1749, Anne died in Tadoussac.

xv. Marie Josephe Tremblay, born 4/19/1712 in Baie St Paul, Canada.
11/12/1731 in Baie St Paul, Josephe married Paul Filion.

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