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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Noel Pare & Marguerite Caron

1826. Noel Pare & 1827. Marguerite Caron

1660, Noel born in Quebec, Canada, s/o 3652. Robert Pare & 3653. Francoise Lehoux.

1666 census of Beaupre [Comte de Montmorency]: Noel, age 6, living with his parents.

6/15/1668, Marguerite baptized in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada; d/o 3654. Jean Baptiste Caron & 3655. Marguerite Gagnon. Sylvain Veau was present at the baptism.

1681 census of Beaupre: Noel, age 19, living with his parents.

1681 census of Comte de Montmorency; Marguerite, age 13, living with her family.

11/12/1685 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Noel married Marguerite. Neither was able to sign. Attending: Noel’s brothers Jean and Joseph, Noel’s brother-in-laws Jean Poullain and Jean Boucher, Pierre Gagnon, Francois Lacroix, and Jean Barette.

1701-02, Noel died. [Likely in 1702.]

6/17/1702 in St Joachim, Marguerite married 2nd Louis Lacroix, s/o Francois Normand Lacroix & Anne Gagne.

6/23/1712 in St Joachim, Marguerite, resident of Cote de Beaupre, Paroisse de St Joachim, present at the marriage contract of her daughter Ursule. [Noel is identified as deceased.]

11/15/1732 in St Joachim, Marguerite attended the baptism of her granddaughter Marie Anne Pare, d/o son Noel. Others attending: parents Noel and his wife Marie, Jean Gagnon.

2/6/1736, Marguerite identified as living in the wedding documents of her son Francois. His father Noel was identified as deceased. Attending the wedding were Francois’ sister Angelique, Prisque Lessart, Louis Lacroix, and Marguerite Simard.

Marguerite died.

12/17/1759, Louis, widower of Marguerite, died in St Joachim; buried 2 days later.

Children of Noel and Marguerite:

i. Marguerite Pare, born 1/1/1687 in St Joachim, Canada. [Died an infant.]

ii. Joseph Pare, born 1/22/1688 in St Joachim, Canada.

iii. Ursule Pare (913), born 1689 in Canada.

iv. Marguerite Pare, born 1692 in St Joachim, Canada.
6/24/1710 in St Joachim, Marguerite married Augustin Simard, s/o 1824. Noel Simard dit Lombrette & 1825. Madeleine Racine.

v. Louis Pare, born 1695 in St Joachim, Canada.
7/18/1719 in St Etienne, Louis married Marie Josephe Guay, d/o Jacques.
11/9/1750 in St Joachim, Louis married Marie Tremblay, d/o 1828. Pierre Tremblay & 1829. Marie Madeleine Roussin.
12/12/1757, Louis, age 62, died in Quebec.

vi. Noel Pare, born 1700 in St Joachim, Canada.
2/14/1730 in St Joachim, Noel married Marie Josephe Chamard, d/o Nicolas.
1/29/1776, Noel, age 76, died in St Joachim.

vii. Francois Pare, born 1702 in St Joachim, Canada.
2/6/1736 in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Francois married “spinster” Marie Madeleine Gauthier dit Barbel.
2/17/1744 in St Joachim, Francois married Marie Anne, d/o Francois Plante & Marie Anne Coignac.

Children of Louis and Marguerite:

i. Agathe Lacroix, born 1703 in St Joachim, Canada.
5/26/1727 in St Joachim, Agathe married Jean Fortin, s/o Joseph Fortin & Agnes Cloutier.
2/28/1729 in St Joachim, Agathe married Jean Charles Boesme.
10/18/1757 in Charlesboug, Agathe married Pierre Normandeau.
12/7/1757, Agathe, age 54, died in Charlesboug.

ii. Marie Lacroix, born 1704 in St Joachim, Canada.
10/4/1722 in St Joachim, Marie married Pierre Cloutier, s/o Pierre Cloutier & Jeanne Verreault.
11/15/1767, Marie, age 63, died.

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