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Friday, July 23, 2010

M: 1866

1866. Charles Langelier & 1867. Marie Francoise Destroismaisons dit Picard

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10/13/1670, Charles born in Quebec, Canada; s/o 3732. Sebastien Langelier & 3733. Marie Beauregard.

1/1/1674, Francoise born in Cap St Ingace, Canada; d/o 3734. Philippe Destroismaisons & 3735. Martine Crosnier.

1681 census of Quebec; Charles, age 11, lives with his family.

1681 Census of Berthier en Bas [L’Islet]; Francoise, age 8, lives with her family.

6/2/1692 in Chateau Richer, Charles, resident of St Michel, Cote de Sillery, married Francoise, resident of St Ignace, Cote de Sillery. Neither could sign. All parents listed. Attending: Charles Roger, Jean Guyon dit Dubisson, Atoine Toupin, Charles Cloutier.

11/22/1715, Francoise, age 41, died in L’Islet.

6/6/1717, Charles, age 47, died in Hotel Dieu, Quebec.

Children of Charles and Francoise:

i. Francois Langelier, born 11/25/1694 in Cap St Ignace, L’Islet, Canada.
10/11/1721 in St Francois, I.O., Francois married Angelique, d/o 1874. Simon Bilodeau & 1875. Anne Turcot.
Francois a resident Capitaine.
3/2/1757, Francois, age 63, died in Montmagny.

ii. Louis Langelier, born 11/25/1696 in Cap St Ignace, L’Islet, Canada.
11/13/1724 in L’Islet sur Mer, Louis married Genevieve, d/o Pierre Fortin & Gertrude Hudon.
5/17/1756 in L’Islet sur Mer, Louis married Anne Genevieve, d/o Etienne Domingo & Marie Reine Charpentier.
7/16/1775, Louis, age 79, died in L’Islet sur Mer.

iii. Elisabeth Gabrielle Langelier, born 2/14/1699 in Cap St Ignace, L’Islet, Canada.
10/19/1722 in Quebec, Gabrielle married Joseph Tondreau, s/o Pierre.

iv. Louise Langelier, born 2/14/1701 in Cap St Ignace, L’Islet, Canada.
11/18/1726 in L’Islet sur Mer, Louise married Francois Durand, s/o Jean.

v. Genevieve Langelier, born 1/17/1707 in Cap St Ignace, L’Islet, Canada.
10/3/1746 in L’Islet sur Mer, Genevieve married Francois Milville, s/o Joseph Milville & Genevieve Caron.

vi. Marie Madeleine Langelier (933), born 1/17/1707 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.

vii. Marie Angelique Langelier, born 11/7/1712 in Cap St Ignace, L’Islet, Canada.
1/27/1748 in L’Islet sur Mer, Angelique married Jean Boulay, s/o 1992. Jacques Boulet & 1993. Marie Francoise Fournier.

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