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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pierre Bernier & Marie Francoise Boulay

1868. Pierre Bernier & 1869. Marie Francoise Boulay

1/25/1659, Pierre born in Quebec, Canada; s/o 3716. Jean Jacques Bernier dit deParis & 3717. Antoinette Grenier.

1666 Census: Pierre lives with his parents on Ile d’Orleans.

1667 census of Ste Famille, I.O., Pierre, age 9, lives with his parents.

8/9/1674, Francoise born in Ste. Famille Ile-d’Orleans, Qu├ębec, Canada ; d/o 3718. Robert Boulay &. 3719. Francoise Grenier.

1681 Census: Francoise named as a member of her family living in Montmagny.

1681 Census of Berthier en Bas [Bellechasse]; Pierre, age 22, lives with his parents.

Francoise was sent to study with the Ursulines of Quebec.

2/21/1689 in Montmagny, Pierre married Marie “Boulet”, his 1st cousin, age 15. All parents were named. Attending: Pierre Caron, Couillard, Desprez.

1713, Pierre succeeded his deceased father in the seigneurie of St Joseph at Cap St Ignace.

1/11/1734, in the wedding documents of his son Jean Baptiste, Pierre identified as “Seigneur de St Joseph.”

9/17/1741, Pierre, age 82, died in Cap St Ignace; buried the next day.

9/23/1751, Francoise, age 77, died in L’Islet, St. Thomas, Montmagny.

Children of Pierre and Francoise:

i. Genevieve Bernier, born 9/20/1690 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
10/13/1710 in Cap-St-Ignace, Genevieve married Jean Baptiste Gaudreau.
1715, Genevieve died in Cap-St-Ignace.

ii. Marie Madeleine Bernier, born 12/6/1692 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
2/27/1713 in Cap-St-Ignace, Madeleine married Joseph Caron, s/o Robert Caron & Marguerite Cloutier.
1/22/1756, Madeleine, age 64, died in Qubec.

iii. Marie Angelique Bernier, born 3/10/1695 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
10/24/1713 in Cap-St-Ignace, Angelique married Francois Moreau, s/o Jean.

iv. Jacques Bernier, born 2/25/1697 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
10/13/1710 in Quebec, Jacques married Elisabeth, d/o Michel Guay & Elisabeth Albert.
7/22/1771, Jacques, age 74, died in Cap St Ignace.

v. Pierre Bernier, born 6/6/1699 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
4/15/1704 in Cap-St-Ignace, age 4, Pierre died.

vi. Charlotte Francoise Marie Bernier, born 2/5/1701 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
11/6/1719 in Cap-St-Ignace, Charlotte married Francois Richard, s/o Pierre Richard & Francoise Miville.

vii. Joseph Bernier, born 3/25/1703 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
10/29/1738 in L’Islet, Joseph married Marie Madeleine Caron, d/o Ignace Caron & Marie Gaulin.
9/28/1743, Joseph, age 40, died in L’islet.

viii. Pierre Basile Bernier, born 2/9/1705 in L’Islet, Canada.
10/29/1727 in L’Islet, Pierre married Marie Josephe Fortin, d/o Pierre Fortin & Gertrude Hudon.
11/28/1758 in Cap St Ignace, Pierre married Marguerite Cloutier, d/o Jean Baptiste Cloutier & Marie Anne Gerbert.

ix. Pierre Bernier II, born 8/30/1706 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
8/25/1711 in Cap-St-Ignace, age 5, Pierre died.

x. Louis Bernier, born 9/2/1708 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.
4/17/1730 in Cap-St-Ignace, Louis married Marguerite Lemieux, d/o Louis Lemeiux & Genevieve Fortin.
3/1/1794, Louis, age 86, died in L’Islet sur Mer.

xi. Jean Baptiste Bernier (934), born 10/28/1710 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.

xii. Claire Bernier, born 4/3/1712 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.

xiii. Marie Claire Bernier, born 9/13/1713 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada.

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