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Friday, July 23, 2010

Michel Gautron dit La Rochelle & Marie Madeleine Bissonnette

1928. Michel Gautron dit La Rochelle & 1929. Marie Madeleine Bissonnette

10/16/1642, Michel baptized in Notre Dame de Cogne, La Rochelle, France; s/o 3856. Daniel Gautron & 3857. Antoinette Foubert. “The sixteenth day of that month of October 1642 was named Michel

son of Daniel Gautron, butcher shop, and Thomette Foubert. The sponsor Portais Michel, Commissioner of Police, the godmother honest daughter Claude Chamot.”

Michel grew up in the parish of St-Bartholomew-du-Grand-Temple, in La Rochelle; his father, uncle, and many family friends were butchers.

8/11/1671, Madeleine born in Sillery, Canada; d/o 3858. Pierre Bissonnette & 3859. Marie D’Allon.

5/25/1664, Michel arrived in Canada.

1673, Michel a habitant of Bellechasse.

9/18/1673 in Quebec City, Michel 1st married Catherine, d/o Jean Poisson & Catherine Foulon.

1681, Catherine, age 27, died in Bellechasse.

1681 census of St Michel de Bellechasse [La Durantaye]; Michel Gautron, age 35.

1681 census of Ste Famille, I.O.; Marie [Madeleine], age 10, lives with her family.

4/29/1685, Madeleine married 1st married Etienne Rageat, widower of Marie Roy. [The marriage was annulled.]

11/19/1686 in Quebec, widower Michel married Madeleine. Both residents of La Durantaye. Madeleine’s parents named. No other attendees listed.

2/8/1705, Michel and Madeleine residents of La Durantaye [St Michel de Bellechasse]. (S) Wedding of daughter Marie.

5/12/1715, Madeleine, age 44, died in St Michel.

1/20/1719, Michel, age 77, buried at St Etienne, Beaumont.

Children of Michel and Madeleine:

i. Marie Gautron (995), born 1687 in La Durantaye, Canada.

ii. Jeanne Gautron, born 1693 in La Durantaye, Canada.
2/9/1711 in La Durantaye, Jeanne married Arnould Lavergne, age 39, s/o Francois Lavergne & Francoise Lefrancois.

iii. Joseph Gautron, born 1694 in La Durantaye, Canada.
11/24/1721 in St Vallier, Joseph married Angelique, d/o 1878. Noel Lebrun dit Carrier & 1879. Anne Brochu.

iv. Michel Gautron (964), born 1/23/1695 in La Durantaye, Canada.

v. Pierre Gautron, born 4/13/1700 in St Michel, Canada.
11/18/1720 in St Vallier, Pierre married Marie, d/o Jacques Marceau & Elisabeth Jinchereau.
8/30/1759, Pierre, age 59, died in St Michel. [Killed by the English.]

vi. Marie Anne Dorothee Gautron, born 3/26/1707 in St Michel, Canada.
9/12/1731 in Quebec, Anne married Charles Bouvier, s/o Charles.
1/28/1743 in Quebec, Anne married Jean Baptiste Cardinet, s/o Jean.
10/24/1778, Anne, age 81, died in Quebec.

vii. Marie Angelique Gautron, born 12/28/1710 in La Durantaye, Canada.
11/18/1726 in Beaumont, Angelique married Joseph Queret, d/o Michel.
1/20/1741, Angelique, age 31, died in St Michel.

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