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Friday, July 23, 2010

M: 1932

1932. Joseph David Lacroix & 1933. Marie Barthelemy Mailloux

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1644, Joseph born in Confolens, France; s/o §Jacques Lacroix & §Antoinette Chambon.

1667, Barthelemy born in Brie sous Matha, Charente Maritime, France; d/o 3866. Michel Maillou & 3867. Jeanne Mercier.

Joseph traveled to New France.

Bef. 4/8/1670, Barthelemy arrived in New France with her parents.

8/15/1670, Joseph confirmed in Quebec.

10/13/1671, Joseph, at the signing of his marriage contract, “a habitiant of point de Levye.”

10/19/1671 in Quebec, Joseph 1st married Antoinette, d/o Louis Bluteau & Antoinette Legrand. [The last of 10 marriages that day.]

Joseph and Antoinette settled in La Durantaye.

6/11/1674, Michel Godbout of La Durantaye leased a cow to Joseph for 3 years at 20 livres annually.

1/1675, Antoinette was living.

Antoinette died.

7/27/1680, Joseph contracted with Pierre Normand dit laBriere to furnish 40 pipes of charcoal [393 liters], “genuine and salable”, for 110 livres [55 sols per pipe.]

1/18/1681, in Quebec, Joseph contracted to marry Barthelemy. Barthelemy’s parents promised a dowery of 40 livres in clothes.

7/26/1684, Joseph provided Barthelemy’s parents with a receipt for her dowery.

1/20/1681 in Quebec, widower Joseph married Barthelemy. Both residents of La Durantaye; neither able to sign. Joseph’s previous spouse named and deceased. Marie’s parents named. Attending: Pierre Mailloux – uncle of Marie, Jean Darbois, Antoine Baillon.

1681 census of St Michel de Bellechasse [La Durantaye]; David, age 34, Barthelemy, age 20; 3 cattle, 12 arpents under cultivation.

8/15/1681, Joseph leased a cow to Jean Pierre Forgues for 3 years at 15 livres a year, payable in cords of wood suitable for making charcoal.

11/7/1689, Michel Mailloux and son-in-law Joseph Lacroix contracted with Jean langlois and Guillaume leVitre for a boat similar to the one they built for Jean Guay, “namvigator living at la pointe de Levy”, with 2 oars, masts and yards. The cost was 440 livres. Michel and Joseph to provide “at their expense the wood and all the scrap iron.”

10/15/1702, Joseph officially ceded the land he had worked for 30 years, 3 arpents by 40 deep [located today in the heart of St Michel.] Joseph had the right to hunt and fish [except for partridges.] Joseph also had to give the 1st salmon he caught each year to the seigneur. The seigneur also retained all oak wood suitable for building ships.

5/1/1712, Joseph and Barthelemy donated land for a church, rectory and cemetery for the parish of St Michel de la Durantaye, the contract approved by religious authorities. [This was opposed by Seigneur Oliver Morel because he wanted to use different land.]

8/23/1712, a new contract was signed by Joseph and Barthelemy for church land, 1 arpent frontage with a length as far as the coast. Joseph asked to be buried in the new church and have an annual mass celebrated each year.

10/3/1712, Joseph, age 68, died in Quebec at Hotel Dieu, before construction began on the new church.

1/14/1714–7/15/1716, Barthelemy died in La Durantaye.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXIV.

Children of Joseph and Barthelemy:

i. Andre Lacroix, born 3/21/1683 in Lauzon, Quebec, Canada.
5/5/1706 in Beaumont, Andre married Marie Madeleine Marchand, d/o Francois & Madeleine Groleau. [11 children.]
3/11/1765, Andre died in St Michel de Bellechasse.

ii. Perinne Lacroix, born 8/23/1687 in Quebec, Canada.
11/13/1708 in St Etienne, Beaumont, Perinne married Jean Baptiste Drapeau. [4 children.]
5/2/1724, Perrine married Francois Dumont dit Lafleur. [4 children.]
11/16/1734, Perinne, age 47, buried in Quebec.

iii. Marie Anne Lacroix, born 1688 in Levis, Quebec, Canada.
11/10/1710 in St Etienne, Beaumont, Anne married Pierre Drapeau, [brother of Perinne’s husband – 10 children.]
10/31/1741, Marie Anne buried.

iv. Louis Lacroix, born 1691 in Quebec, Canada.
1/14/1714 in St Etienne, Beaumont, Louis married Suzanne Labrecque. [7 children.]
2/17/1726, Louis buried in St Etienne, Beaumont.

v. Gabriel Lacroix (966), born 10/19/1694 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.

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