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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jean Brochu & Marie Francoise de Launay

1944. Jean Brochu & 1945. Marie Francoise de Launay

9/6/1672, Jean baptized in Ste Famille, Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada; s/o 3888. Jean Brochu dit LaFontaine & 3889. Nicolle Saunier. Jean’s godfather was Pierre Filleteau, and godmother [3895] Marie Francoise Desfosses, wife of Jacques Bidet.

1680, Marie born in Quebec, Canada; eldest d/o 3890. Henri de Launay & 3891. Francoise Creste.

1681 Census of Ste Famille, I.O.; Jean, age 9, living with his parents and siblings.

1681 census of Quebec; Marie, age 1, only child living with her parents.

11/19/1691 in Ile d’Orleans, St Jean, Jean attended the wedding of 1946. Charles Allaire & 1947. Marie Bidet.

9/23/1692 in St Jean, I.O., Jean attended the wedding of 2046. Francois Elie dit Breton & 2047. Francoise Bidet.

10/29/1697 in Notre Dame de Quebec before Abbot Francois Dupre, Jean, resident of St Jean, Ile St Laurent, married Marie, resident of Quebec. Marie was able to sign, Jean was not. All parents were listed. Attending: Jean Creste – grandfather of Marie, Jean Pepin, Jean Brideaux. [The marriage contract stated that Jean was given 7-8 arpents by his father.]

1709, Jean and family live in St Michel [in the St Vallier part.] (S) Catalogne map.

10/14/1709, Jean’s only brother Mathurin died. Soon after Jean received the family estate from his mother.

3/26/1715, Jean, age 43, died at St Jean de Ile d’Orleans; buried the next day.

7/6/1716 in St Jean, Marie married 2nd Jacques Greffard, s/o Louis. [5 children.]

11/12/1730–7/2/1731, Marie, age 50, died in St Jean, I.O.

Children of Jean and Marie:

i. Marie Louise Brochu, born 1/30/1699 in Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada.
4/19/1728, Marie married Ignatius Avard; who died a few months later; Marie had a son Ignatius.
9/22/1731, Marie married 2nd Nicolas Plante.
1/22/1772, Marie died in St Jean de Ile d’Orleans.

ii. Jean Baptiste Brochu (972), born 1/9/1700 in Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada.

iii. Mathurin Brochu, born 9/12/1702 in Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada.
2/25/1732, Mathurin, a cobbler in Quebec, married Mary Magdalene Mailloux Desmoulins; d/o 1792. Noel Mailloux & 1793. Therese Louise Marcoux.
3/3/1771, Mathurin died in Montreal.

iv. Genevieve Brochu, born 4/6/1704 in Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada.
11/13/1730, Genevieve married Augustin Blais, s/o Pierre Blais & Francoise Beaudouin.
2/27/1734, Genevieve died in Berthier en Bas, Quebec.

v. Marguerite Brochu, born 12/21/1705 in Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada.
8/16/1734 at Berthier en Bas, Marguerite married Jean Baptiste Gagne.
2/2/1739 at St Vallier, Marguerite married 2nd Francois Laflamme.
6/5/1745, Marguerite died in St Vallier.

vi. Elisabeth Brochu, born 1707 in Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada.
8/2/1711, Elisabeth died.

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