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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jean Fradet & Jeanne Helie le Breton

1950. Jean Fradet & 1951. Jeanne Helie le Breton

1668, Jean born in Diocese de Xaintes, Marcillac Blaye, Eveche de Bourdeaux, France, s/o §Thomas Fradet & §Anne Rousse.

3/12/1674, Jeanne born in Ste Famille, I.O., Quebec, Canada; d/o 3902. Jean Elie le Briton & 3903. Jeanne Labbe.

1681 census of Ste Famille, I.O.; Jeanne, age 8, lives with her parents and siblings.

Jean traveled to New France. [Likely as a soldier.]

1/24/1691, Jean contracted to marry Jeanne. Jeanne’s parents gave a dowery of “a piece of land and concession situated and located in the Seigneurie of la Durantaye”, 3 arpents of by 40 deep. They also agreed to provide for the couple for 2 years on the condition that they work for the parents.

[Jean likely had to complete his military contract – causing a delay in the wedding for a year.]

2/12/1692 in St Jean, I.O., Jean married Jeanne, resident of St Jean. All parents named. A Captain, an Ensign and 2 seargents attended the wedding; as well as Francois Hely [Jeanne’s brother] and Jacques Bidet.

Bef. 5/25/1695, Jean moved the family to La Durantaye.

7/2/1701, Jean received a concession of Oliver Morel in la Durantaye [future parish of St. Vallier] of 6 arpents frontage by 40 deep, with hunting and fishing rights, except for partridge. Jean also had to deliver the first salmon to the seigneur as well as each 30th. His neighbors were Louis Boutin and Jacques Marceau.

9/23/1703, Jean signed a contract with Jean Daniaux.

11/6/1703, Jean and Pierre Duroy appeard before the Soverign Council. Jean owed Pierre, a merchant, 105 livres on the balance of his account.

11/7/1704, Jean received a receipt for payment of his debt to Pierre Duroy.

5/10/1712, Jean received a concession from Sieur Nicolas Blais of 3 arpents frontage by 40 deep in Bellechasse [in future St Vallier.]

10/17/1712, Jean received a concession from Olivier Morel, seigneur of Durantaye, a tip of land in Bellechase.

1/28/1713, Jean witnessed the wedding contract of 1022. Jean Baptiste Corriveau & 1023. Marie Francoise Elie dit Breton.

1713, Jean’s parish established as St. Vallier.

12/23/1713, Jean acquired a concession of standing wood for his son Jean [who would die the next year.]

1/7/1715 in St Vallier, Jean witnessed the wedding contract of his daughter Genevieve.

[5/27/1715, Jeanne’s mother Jeanne likely died in their home.]

6/21/1715, Jeanne and Jean sold her rights to her family estate to her brother Jacques for 300 livres. [The notarized act was signed in their home.]

6/24/1715, Jean and Jeanne gave her brother Jacques a receipt for the 300 livres.

6/30/1715, Jeanne, age 41, mother of 13 [5 predeceased her], unexpectedly died in St Vallier.

By law an inventory was performed. Jean was allowed half of the property and any preciput identified in the marriage contract. All else had to be divided equally among the surviving children. Jean was chosen as trustee with the help of Noel Leroy [father of his future son-in-law]: large quantities of butter, lard, salt; cooking untensils; furniture; a spinning wheel and linen loom; farming tools; a horse cart; pigs, geese, turkeys; … an old house “of stone on stone”, 25 by 20 feet, covered with boards, and having a masonry chimney. There was also a stable, shed and 30 arpents of workable land. [the inventory was later deemed incomplete.]

8/23/1715, Jean contracted to marry Marie Madeleine Gosselin.

8/24/1715, Jean, age 47, married 2nd Marie Madeleine, age 22, resident of St Pierre, d/o Michel Gosselin & Michelle Mainville. [12 children ¬– for a total of 25.]

10/21/1715, in the division of property, the 6 arpents frontage would be divided equally with half to Jean and half to the children.

11/18/1715, after a new inventory, 78 household items were appraised at 994 livres. Community property was appraised at 63 livres [1 mare, 3 oxen, 3 cows, 2 steers, 16 sheep.] Total assets: 1,057 livres. [Each child inherited 485 livres 17 sols after paying all debts.]

12/26/1715, Jean borrowed 40 livres from Pierre Blais.

10/23/1716, Jean sold land to Jean Groisnard for 46 livres, 3 arpents by 40 deep.

2/11/1717, Jean, 1 of the 18 residents ordered to help build a barn to compensate a donor of church property. Jean promised a minot of wheat and a days work.

7/13/1718, Jean bought 3 aprents frontage by 40 deep from Etienne Fontaine, paying 100 livres “in playing card money”.

8/3/1720, Jean got a receipt for the repayment of a 40 livre debt to Pierre Blais.

10/19/1723, Jean and Madeleine ceded 3 arpents frontal on the Saint Jean coast in St Vallier to Ignace Gosselin for 200 livres cash.

7/8/1728, Jean sold land in Belllechasse to Gabriel Gilodeau, 3 arpents frontal by 40, for 150 livres and 10 “pins for the wife of the said seller.”

2/6/1743, a Wednesday, Jean buried in St Vallier.

11/19/1774, Marie Madeleine died in St Vallier. [Their 2 lives spanned 106 years.]

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXVI.

Children of Jean and Jeanne:

i. Jean Baptiste Fradet, baptized 8/5/1693 in St Jean I.O., Canada.
11/19/1714, Jean, age 21, died in St Vallier.

ii. Marie Madeleine Fradet, born 4/25/1695 in St Michel, Canada.
11/23/1711 in St Etienne, Beaumont, Madeleine married Jean Fournier, s/o Nicolas.
1/23/1736, Madeleine married Pierre Laurent.
10/18/1768, Madeleine, age 73, died in Lachenaie.

iii. Pierre Fradet, born 9/9/1696.
11/11/1719, Pierre died.

iv. Genevieve Fradet, born 1/4/1698 in St Michel, Canada.
1/7/1715 in St Vallier, Genevieve married Andre Aube dit Langlois, born in New England.
7/10/1768, Genevieve, age 70, died in St Michel.

v. Jacques Fradet, born 5/30/1700 in La Durantayne, Canada.
11/8/1725 in St Laurent, Jacques married Elisabeth, d/o Pierre Leclerc & Elisabeth Rondeau.
6/25/1736, Jacques married Therese d/o Jean Hayot & Anne Sainte Grondin.
4/8/1783, Jacques, age 83, died in St Vallier.

vi. Louis Etienne Fradet, born 10/30/1701. [Died an infant.]

vii. Augustin Fradet, born 1/7/1703. [Died an infant.]

viii. Agathe Fradet (975), born 3/30/1704 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.

ix. Augustin Fradet, born 1/30/1706 in St Michel, Canada.
10/23/1730 in St Laurent, I.O., Augustin married Genevieve [died 2/20/1748], d/o Pierre Leclerc & Elisabeth Rondeau.
Augustin married Elisabeth Roy [died 8/17/1753].
11/18/1754 in Berthier sur Mer, Augustin married Marie Louise [died 4/24/1812], d/o Guillaume Lemieux & Marie Anne Blais.
1759, Augustin died.

x. Jean Baptiste Fradet, born 7/4/1707 in St Michel, Canada.

xi. Julienne Fradet, born 12/15/1709. [Died an infant.]

xii. Joseph Fradet, born 2/24/1714. [Died an infant.]

xiii. Marie Josette Fradet, born 5/16/1715.
2/3/1738, Josette married Jean Metivier.
8/4/1779, Josette died.

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