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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

M: 1988

1988. Claude Lefebvre dit Boulanger & 1989. Marie Arcular

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1648, Claude baptized in Vigny, Pontoise, France; s/o 3976. Louis Levebvre [died bef. 1651] & 3977. Marie Verneuil.

1662, Claude, a 14-year-old orphan, came to New France as a domestic for Jacques Bilodeau.

1666, Claude, a baker “dit Boulanger”, named in the census as an employee of 3748. Jacques Bilodeau.

6/2/1667, Claude received a concession of 3 arpents in Ste Famille by Bishop Laval.

1669, Marie arrived from Paris on the ship St Jean Baptiste, a “King’s daughter”, with goods estimated at 250 pounds and a royal dowry of 50 pounds.

10/7/1669, Claude contracted to marry Marie. Marie had her possessions and dowry, and Claude had 200 pounds.

10/28/1669 in Ste Famille, I.O., Claude married Marie. Witnesses: 3888. Jean Brochu [married the same day], Anne Gasnier, Marie-Anne Duchaussay, and J. Baudon. Claude, on the same day, also acted as a witness in the wedding of 3902. Jean Elie dit Briton & 3903. Jeanne Labbe.

7/17/1677, Claude received a concession from the Hospitallers of Quebec in Argentenay, on the eastern end of the island, called St Francois.

1681 Census in I.O., Quebec: Claude, Marie, children: Madelaine, Marie, Pierre, Jean, Suzanne.

3/2/1687, Claude abandoned his first concession that he had received from Bishop de Laval in favor of Jean Dubreuil, clearing all his debts. Claude signed this document.

6/22/1689, Claude was admitted to Hotel Dieu for 9 days.

11/12/1689, Claude was admitted to Hotel Dieu for 13 days.

2/12/1690, Claude, given age 39, died at Hotel Dieu in Quebec City.

6/7/1692 in Ste Famille, Marie married 2nd Pierre Lejamble. [1 son.]

4/25/1718, Marie, widow of Lefebvre and Sieur de Magdeleine [Pierre] buried in St Jean, I.O.

Family notes:
• Claude’s father is identified in the death records of his sister Mary.

Children of Claude and Marie:

i. Jean Lefebvre (1014), born 12/11/1671 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada

ii. Pierre Lefebvre, born 1/30/1674 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
11/7/1697 in Ste Famille, I.O., Pierre married Francoise Ambroise, d/o Nicolas Fournier & Marie Hubert.
1714, Pierre, age 40, died in La Durantaye.

iii. Marie Lefebvre dit Boulanger, born 6/20/1676 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
11/9/1695 in Chateau Richer, Marie married Jean Corneau, s/o Mathurin.
10/12/1720, Marie, age 44, died in Quebec.

iv. Suzanne Lefebvre, born 4/16/1680 in St Francois, I.O., Canada.
1699 in St Jean, Suzanne married Jean Plante, s/o Jean Plante & Francoise Boucher.
9/9/1715 in St Jean, Suzanne married Daniel Thomas, master carpenter.
2/22/1742, Suzanne, age 62, died in St Jean.

v. Claude Lefebvre (994), born 5/9/1682 in St Francois, I.O., Canada.

vi. Marguerite Lefebvre, born 2/26/1684 in St Francois, I.O., Canada.
4/14/1698 in St Francois, Marguerite married Pierre Juin, s/o Pierre.
1/3/1751, Marguerite, age 67, died.

vii. Charles Lefebvre, born 2/6/1689 in St Francois, I.O., Canada.
11/23/1711 in St Jean, Charles married Marie, d/o Jean Plante & Mathurine Delugre.
8/14/1739 in St Jean, Charles married Madeleine, d/o Etienne Fontaine & Marie Conille.
10/26/1760, Charles, age 71, died in St Jean.

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