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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jacques Boulet & Marie Francoise Fournier

1992. Jacques Boulet & 1993. Marie Francoise Fournier

2/6/1664 Jacques born in Chateau-Richer, Québec, Canada; s/o 3718. Robert Boulay &. 3719. Francoise Grenier.

1666 Census, Jacques named as a child of his family living on the Isle Orleans.

4/30/1671 Francoise born in St-Thomas-de-Montmagny, Québec, Canada; d/o. 3986. Guillaume Fournier & 3987. Francoise Hebert.

1681 Census in Montmagny, Jacques, 17, named as a member of his family.

1681 Census in Berthier-en-Bas, Françoise, 11, living with her family.

7/31/1681 Confirmation in Montmagny : Jean Fournier, 16; Pierre Fournier, 12; Francoise Fournier, 10; Louis Fournier, 9.

4/21/1686, Jacques married 14-year-old Francoise in St-Thomas-de-Montmagny, Québec. Their marriage is the 1st recorded in the registry of marriages at St-Thomas. Pierre Joncas and Jean Fournier also attended.

9/8/1686 in Montmagny, Francoise the godmother of Thomas Prou, Alphonse Morin the godfather.

3/7/1689 in Montmagny, son Jacques baptized; godmother his aunt Francoise Boule.

3/28/1691 in Montmagny, son Pierre baptized; godfather Pierre Joncas.

4/7/1693 in Montmagny, daughter Marie Madeleine baptized; godfather Pierre Joncas, godmother Marie Madeleine Fournier.

7/1/1693, Francoise, 22, a patient at Hotel-Dieu in Quebec.

11/1/1696 in Montmagny, Jacques godfather to Francois Huet; godmother Jacque’s sister Jacqueline Boulay.

3/15/1697 in Montmagny, son Augustin baptized; godmother Elisabeth Lemieux.

4/7/1698, Jacques, 35, a patient at Hotel-Dieu in Quebec.

5/14/1699 in Montmagny, son Jean Baptiste baptized; godmother Louise Nolin.

12/29/1700 in Montmagny, son Jacques baptized; godfather Jean Prou.

9/17/1702 in Montmagny, son Guillaume baptized; godfather Guillaume Blanchet.

10/19/1704 in Montmagny, son Louis baptized; godparents Jean Blanchet & his sister Marie Francoise Boule.

1/10/1707 in Montmagny, Jacques & Françoise attended the wedding of their daughter Marie Françoise.

3/23/1707 in Montmagny, son Francois baptized; by priest Goulven Calvarin.

9/23/1708 in Montmagny, Francoise godmother to Pierre Morin, s/o Pierre; Pierre Joncas - godfather.

12/2/1708 in Montmagny, son Paul baptized; godfather seigneur Couillard.

4/3/1711 in Montmagny, son Charles baptized; godparents Charles Fournier & Francoise Helen w/o Martin Boule.

4/15/1713 in Montmagny, son Martin baptized; godparents his brother Pierre & sister Madeleine.

9/4/1713 in Montmagny, Francoise and her son Jacques godparents to Felicite Talon, d/o Etienne.

1/6/1715, Jacques attended the signing of the marrige contract of his son Jacques to Agathe Morin.

2/10/1717 in Montmagny, Francoise godmother to her grandson Pierre Boulet, s/o Pierre.

11/20/1718 in Riviere De Sud, Montmagny, Québec, Jacques & Françoise attended the wedding of their daughter Marie Madeleine.

7/27/1723 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, Francoise [Jacques absent] celebrated the wedding of their son Joseph.

10/4/1723 in Montmagny, Jacques & Françoise attended the wedding of their son Augustin. His brothers Jacques, Joseph & Pierre also attended, as did Louis Couillard.

3/12/1726 in Montmagny, Francoise godmother to her grandson Augustin Boulet, s/o Augustin.

10/13/1727 in St Francois de la Riviere du Sud, Montmagny, Jacques and his son Jacques attended the wedding of Elisabeth Agnes Morin, s/o Joseph Morin dit Valcourt & Agnes Bouchard.

2/20/1730, they celebrated the wedding of their son Louis. Sons Pierre, Augustin & Francois attended their brother’s wedding.

11/19/1730 in Montmagny, Jacques signed at the wedding of his son Francois.

10/14/1732 in Montmagny, Jacques signed at the wedding of his son Charles.

6/10/1734 in Montmagny, Jacques attended the wedding of his son Guillaume.

7/15/1734 Francoise, 64 and spouse of widower Jacques Boulet, died in St. Thomas-de-a-la-Caille, Montmagny, Québec; buried the next day. Louis Cote assisted at the burial. The priest annotated the record with “la premiere mariee a St-Thomas en 1686”.

4/30/1738 Jacques died in St-Thomas-de-Montmagny; buried the next day.

(S) Rene Jette, P437. (S) PRDH.

Family notes:
• Note that 5 brothers: Augustin, Guillaume, Francois, Paul & Charles married 5 Miville/Mainville sisters. Note that 3 Boulay siblings: Marie Francoise, Marie Madeleine, & Jacques married 3 Morin siblings: Pierre, Denis & Agathe.

Children of Jacques and Francoise:

i. Jacques Boulay I, born 3/7/1688 in Beaubassin, Acadia, Canada.
1/6/1715 Jacques 1st married Agathe Morin, sister of his sister Marie Madeleine’s husband. Jacques father and both her parents were present for the signing of the marriage contract.
7/31/1733 Agathe buried in St Francois du Sud, Quebec; son Jean assisted at the funeral.
7/6/1735 Jacques 2nd married Jeanne Therrien, d/o Pierre [and not a minor]. [No record was found of any children.]
6/14/1751 in St Francois du Sud, Jacques 3rd married Marguerite Isabel, widow of Jean Morin. The marriage required a dispensation of the 3rd degree.
5/13/1771 in St Francois du Sud, Jacques, given age 84, died; buried the next day. Marguerite is identifed as a surviving spouse. She died 12/11/1783 in St Francois du Sud.

ii. Marie Francoise Boule, born 3/22/1690.
1/10/1707 in St Thomas Marie married Pierre Morin III.

iii. Pierre Boulay (996), born 3/22/1691 in St. Thomas de La Pointe A La Caille, Montmagny, Québec.

iv. Marie Madeleine Boulay, born 4/7/1693 in St. Jean, Ile-d’Orleans, Québec, Canada.
11/20/1718, Madeleine married Denis Morin in Riviere De Sud, Montmagny, Québec, Canada. “… Sr Pierre Morin farmer of the Riviere du Sud and Francoise Chiasson his wife of the parish of St Pierre stipulating in this part for the Sr Denis Morin, their son, about 24 years old, on the one side, the Sr Jacques Boulet and Francoise Fournier, his wife, of the parish of St Thomas and Bishopric stipulating in this part for Magdeleine Boulet, their daughter, about 26 years old. Those parties of their own good accord and will and in the presence of their living parents and friends for this gathering on either side … Sieur Charles Morin, Clorident, Seigneur of Restigouche and navigator by profession, one side and on the other side … Sieur Joseph, Augustin, Jean Baptiste, Jean Guillame, Louis, Francois, Paul Charles, Martin Boulet, all children of the said Sr and Dame Boulet …” (S) Marriage contract before the Notary Abel Michon, National Archives, Québec, Canada.
4/27/1765, Marie, 70, died in St. Pierre de Sud ; buried the next day across the St Lawrence from Quebec city. Denis attended Marie’s burial.
9/20/1768, Denis, 68, died in St. Pierre du Sud, Québec; buried the next day in the same cemetery as Marie.

v. Joseph Boulay, born 5/1/1695 in Montmagny.
7/27/1723 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, Joseph married Monique Meunier, d/o Francois & Angelique Jacob. His brothers Augustin and Louis attended the wedding.
2/1/1762 in St Francois du Sud, Monique, given age 58, died; buried 2 days later.
9/24/1769 in St Francois du Sud, Joseph, given age 74, died; buried the next day.

vi. Augustin Boulay, born 3/4/1697 in Montmagny.
10/4/1723 in Montmagny, Augustin married Veronique Miville, d/o Joseph & Genevieve Caron. Both sets of parents attended the wedding, as did multiple family members.
6/13/1763 in Montmagny, Veronique, given age 63, died.
[His death is sometimes given as 7/22/1771; but this was recorded in the PRDH database as a 14 year old.]

vii. Jean Baptiste Boulay, born 5/5/1699 in Montmagny.
10/29/1727 in St-Francis I.O., Jean married 1st Marie Madeleine Asselin, d/o Thomas [deceased]. His brother Jacques and brother-in-law Pierre Morin also attended. [Her middle name is recorded 3 times as Josephe, 1 time as Louise, and 7 times as Madeleine.]
2/22/1748 in St Francois du Sud, Marie, given age 45 & spouse of widow Jean Boule, died. She died of complications with the birth of Marguerite. She is listed as deceased at the baptism.
1/27/1749 in L’Islet, Jean, a widow, married 2nd Angelique Langelier, d/o 1866. Charles Langelier & 1867. Marie Francoise Destroismaisons dit Picard.
2/10/1777 in St Francois du Sud, Jean, given age 77, died ; buried the next day. Angelique died 4/17/1781 at age 72.

viii. Jacques Boulay II, born 12/29/1700 in Quebec.

ix. Jean Guillaume Boulay, born 9/9/1702 in Montmagny.
11/11/1727 in St Pierre du Sud, Guillame married 1st Marie Madeleine Miville, d/o Joseph & Genevieve Caron. Both sets of parents are named in the documents. Seigneur Couillard attended.
7/24/1733 in Montmagny, Madeleine, given age 28, died; buried the next day. She died in childbirth, the child buried with her.
6/10/1734 in Montmagny, Guillaume married Marie Anne Dandurant, d/o Antoine.
1/10/1764 in Montmagny, Guillame, given age 63, died. Anne died 9/18/1779.

x. Louis Boulay, born 9/30/1704 in Montmagny.
2/20/1730 in Berthier-en-Bas, Louis, a resident of St Thomas, married 1st Marie Elisabeth Chaisson, d/o Michel. His brothers Pierre, Augustin & Francois attended, as did his cousin Charles Morin.
6/8/1731 in Montmagny, Marie Elisabeth died.
11/5/1731 in Berthier-en-Bas, Louis, a resident of St Thomas, married Marie Genevieve Dagneau-Laprise. All parents are listed. His brother Charles attended the wedding.
10/24/1779, Louis, given age 76, died in Montmagny. Genevieve died 9/12/1792.

xi. Francois Boulay, born 3/23/1707 in Montmagny.
11/19/1730 in Montmagny, Francois 1st married Genevieve Miville, d/o Joseph & Genevieve Caron. All parents are listed; his father attended.
7/12/1740 in Montmagny, Genevieve, age 32, died.
2/9/1750, Francois 2nd married Marie Francoise Dufresne, d/o Guillaume.
1/21/1763 in Montmagny, “Francois Paul Boule”, given age 56, died. Francoise died 6/8/1780.

xii. Paul Boulay, born 11/12/1708 in Montmagny.
11/26/1731 in Montmagny, Paul married Marie Claire Miville, d/o Joseph & Genevieve Caron. Martin Boullet & Charlotte Boullet attended.
12/16/1770 in Montmagny, Claire, age 57, died.
2/18/1776 in Montmagny, Paul, given age 72, died.

xiii. Charles Boulay, born 4/2/1711 in Montmagny.
10/14/1732, Charles married Marie Marthe Miville, d/o Joseph & Genevieve Caron. His brother Francois and Martin attended, as did a cousin Francois Fournier.
3/29/1780 in Montmagny, Marthe died; buried the next day
1/9/1784 in Montmagny, Charles died; buried the next day.

xiv. Martin Boulay, born 5/14/1713 in Montmagny.
11/12/1736 at Cap St Ignace Martin 1st married Louise Lemieux, d/o Louis & Genevieve Fortin. His brother Augustin attended the wedding.
1/27/1756 in Montmagny, Louise died; buried the next day.
7/29/1762 Martin 2nd married Marie Joseph Boucher.
Martin was a Major in the Militia at St Thomas de Montmagny.
12/13/1764 in Montmagny, “Jaccques Martin Boulet”, given age 52, died.

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