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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pierre Courteau & Marie Madeleine St Denis

1996. Pierre Courteau & 1997. Marie Madeleine St Denis

1665, Pierre born in Paroisse de Pont-Aubert Pres de Mombarsen, Bourgogne, France; s/o §Pierre Courteau & §Marthe Marchand.

3/25/1676, Madeleine baptized in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada; d/o 3994. Pierre St-Denis & 3995. Madeleine Tivierge. Her godparents were her grandfather Pierre, a Normand, originally from Dieppe and Elisabeth Drugeon, wife of Pierre Lehoux.

1681, Madeleine, age 5, living with her parents in Ste Famille.

By 1683, Pierre traveled to New France.

4/4/1684 in Quebec, Pierre “Courtaux” confirmed.

9/6/1689 in Quebec, Pierre “Courtaut” godfather at the baptism of Marie Helene, d/o Pierre Martin & Marie Madeleine Lemieux. Helene Lemieux, spouse of Rene Pasquier was the godmother.

1/14/1691 in Quebec, Pierre “Courtaut” godfather at the baptism of Pierre, s/o Jean Caille & Marie Anne Hamel. Marie Auvray, spouse of Rene Peltier was the godmother.

6/19/1691, Pierre contracted to marry Madeleine before notary Genaple. Madeleine’s mother was present. Madeleine Tivierge, with the strong consent of her husband, gave daughter Marie all that belonged to them in personal property and real estate. They had 2 arpents frontal between Francois Turcot and Charles d’Allaire which had a house and shed, with 20 arpents under cultivation, 2 milk cows, and other items. Pierre and Marie were to support them for the rest of their lives. Pierre promised a dowery of 600 livres.

6/25/1691 in Ste Famille, I.O., Pierre, age 26, married Madeleine, age 16, a resident of Ste Famille, I.O. Neither was able to sign. All parents named. Attending: Antoine Canac, Francois Turcot, Elie Demolon. Pierre is identified as “servant of the dames Religieuses Ursulines.”

Pierre and Madeleine settled on her family’s farm according to the marriage contract.

10/28/1692, Jean Leclerc, Nicolas Drouin, Jean Bilodeau, Robert Gaulin and Pierre Courteau called to testify in the matter of succession of Nicolas LeBlond.

Pierre and Madeleine took in Renee Gagnon, widow of Jean Ouimet, who was being mistreated by her children.

2/14/1695, Renee Gagnon gave Pierre and Madeleine 1.5 arpents frontal land. [Renee also gave some of her land to the General Hospital of Quebec.]

12/11/1696, Madeleine’s father died.

11/8/1700 in Quebec, Pierre offered a concession of 6 arpents frontage by 40 deep, located between Gabriel Filteau and Pierre Duroy, by Michel Maillou & Jeanne Mercier. The land had a main building, bakehouse, barn and stable, with 100 new planks. Michel Maillou asked 1,780 livres for the property. Gunsmith Jean Soulard made an initial payment in the name of Pierre of 173 livres 13 sols 10 deniers in golden louises, piastres and escues blancs, and what remained of a 300 livre payment in other forms.

12/16/1700, Madeleine’s mother died; Pierre and Madeleine had clear ownership of the family land.

6/14/1701, Pierre owed Pierre de Niort 10 livres and 1 sol.

8/2/1701, Pierre and Madeleine sold the family property to Joseph Allaire; and on the same day paid Jean Soulard 330 livres.

1/10/1702, Pierre appeared at the island bailiwick because of a debt to Lucien Bouteville of 182 livres for merchandise.

1702, Pierre moved his family to la Durantaye.

2/24/1703 in la Durantaye, Pierre and Madeleine buried a daughter Agnes.

8/14/1703, Pierre gave a receipt to Joseph Allaire for the land he had purchased.

11/4/1704, notary Chambalon approved a cancellation of the sale of property from Michel Mailloux to Pierre Courteau. Pierre received no refund on any payments made.

3/31/1705 in Quebec, before Chamblon, Pierre contracted to purchase land in la Durantaye, between Louis Ouimet and Charles Lefebvre, for 100 livres, payable as a 3-year-old oxen with “red hide”. [An expert did not appraise the ox at this value, so Pierre had to pay in 2 installments.]

3/16/1712, a deed of Jacques Fournier deals with land in Beaumont abandoned by Pierre.

1713, Pierre, age 48, died in Montagny.

3/9/1714, Marie contracted to marry Charles Saucier, widower of Marie Anne Bisson with 8 children.

6/25/1714 in Montmagny, Madeleine married 2nd Charles Saucier.

11/27/1716, Marie elected as guardian to Charles’ six minor children.

1/19/1720, a Tuesday, Madeleine, age 44, died in Ste Anne de la Pocatiere.

(S) PRDH Couple #32711. (S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XXI.

Family notes:
• In his marriage documents Pierre said that his father was a gardener in the town of Pontaubert.

Children of Pierre and Madeleine: [10 children]

i. Joseph Courteau (998), born 1/7/1698 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.

ii. Catherine Courteau, born 2/28/1700 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
4/9/1720 in Riviere Ouelle, Catherine married Pierre Brisson, s/o Rene. [9 children.]
9/17/1764, Catherine, age 64, died in Nicolet.

ii. Marie Courteau, born 3/14/1706 in St Michel de Bellechasse, Canada.
2/9/1728 in Montmagny, Marie married Francois Robin, s/o 1998. Francois Robin & 1999. Marie Francoise Migneron. [10 children.]
5/19/1773, Marie, age 67, died in Montmagny.

Children of Charles and Madeleine:

i. Louis Saucier, born 9/9/1715 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
7/21/1738 in Kamoruaska, Louis married Cecile Michaud. [5 children.]
1/3/1756, Louis buried at Saint Louis de Kamoruaska.

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