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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

M: 1998

1998. Francois Robin & 1999. Marie Francoise Migneron

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1668, Francois born in Nantes, Notre Dame de Bonport, France; s/o §Francois Robin & §Marie David. (S) Marriage Record.

12/3/1677, Marie born in Ste Anne de Beaupre, Canada; d/o 3998. Laurent Migneron & 3999. Marie Guillaume.

1681 census of Comte de Montmorency, Marie Francoise living with her parents.

6/30/1688 in La Rochelle, France, Francois engaged for service in Canada by Jean Grignon.

Francois traveled to New France.

6/1/1694 in St Joachim, Francois, age 25, contracted to marry Marie, age 17 and resident of Beaupre. All parents listed; Francois’ father deceased.

2/9/1728 in Montmagny, Francois present at the wedding of his son Francois.

11/27/1730 in Montmagny, Francois present at the wedding of his daughter Ursule.

3/23/1731, Francois, age 62, died Montmagny.

6/7/1760, Marie, age 83, died in Montmagny.

Children of Francois and Marie: [Other children died young.]

i. Francois Robin, born 1/19/1701 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
2/9/1728 in Montmagny, Francois married Marie, d/o 1996. Pierre Courteau & 1997. Marie Madeleine StDenis.
4/27/1757, Francois died in Montmagny.

ii. Marie Felicite Robin (999), born 3/24/1705 in Montmagny, Canada.

iii. Ursule Robin, born 2/28/1707 in Montmagny, Canada.
11/27/1730 in St Thomas, Montmagny, Ursule married Jean Baptiste Francois Choisy.
3/2/1745, Ursule, age 38, died in Montmagny.