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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pierre Balan dit Lacombe & Renee Biret

2016. Pierre Balan dit Lacombe & 2017. Renee Biret

1646, Pierre born in Cantillac, Perigueux, France; s/o §Pierre Balan & §Perinne Courier.

1646, Renee born in La Rochelle, Vendee, France; d/o §Jean Birette & §Simone Perinne.

Pierre traveled to New France as a soldier in the Carnignan regiment, Company of Labrisardiere.

6/8/1672 at Notre Dame de Quebec, Pierre married Renee. All parents named. Attending: Antoine Pepin dit Lachance, Antoine Drapeau.

Pierre received a concession of 3 arpents by 40 on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in the region of St Michel de Bellechasse.

1681 Census, Pierre a neighbor of Francois Bacquet, cultivates 2 arpents of Francois, 2 cattle.

12/29/1687, Pierre, age 41, died in La Durantaye; buried 3 days later in Lauzon.

1688, Renee married Jean Brias dit Latreille. [3 sons.]

11/30/1706, Jean died.

4/15/1709 in La Durantaye, Renee married Francois Lavergne.

3/14/1715, Renee died in La Durantaye.

Children of Pierre and Renee:

i. Marie Balan, born 2/2/1691 in Berthier, Canada.
2/27/1691 in Levis, Marie married Pierre Louis Bissonnette.
2/7/1701 in La Durantaye, Marie married Noel Gromelin.
12/11/1749, Marie, age 76, died in St Michel.

ii. Jean Baptiste Balan, born 12/13/1674 in Berthier, Canada.
11/16/1699 in Beaumont, Jean married Jeanne, d/o 3866. Michel Maillou & 3867. Jeanne Mercier.
2/17/1716 in La Durantaye, Jean married Marie, d/o Rene Vandet & Marie Hario.
12/18/1758, Jean, age 84, died in St Michel.

iii. Etienne Balan, born 1676 in Berthier, Canada.
10/7/1710 in Quebec, Etienne married Marie Madeleine d/o Louis Brassard & Simone Maufay.
11/24/1746, Etienne, age 70, died in Montreal.

iv. Henriette Balan, born 2/1/1677 in La Durantaye, Canada.
1693, Henriette married Charles Dussault.
2/1697 in St Etienne de Beaumont, Henriette married Yves Bechet.
7/20/1715, Henriette, age 38, died in Montmagny.

v. Marguerite Balan, born 1/28/1678 in La Durantaye, Canada.
8/17/1695 in Quebec, Marguerite married Mathiu Guay dit Macon.
12/30/1722 in Quebec, Marguerite married Rene Duchesneau.
10/20/1758, Marguerite, age 80, died in Quebec.

vi. Michel Balan, born 10/2/1679 in Berthier, Canada.
1720 in Quebec, Michel married Marie Madeleine Trumel.
9/20/1726 in St Charles Borromee, Michel married Marie Charlotte Savard.
3/25/1736, Michel, age 57, died in Quebec.

vii. Rene Balan, born 3/15/1681 in La Durantaye, Canada.
5/8/1702 in Ancienne Lorette, Rene married Marie Rene, d/o Jean Boutin & Marie Anne Fontaine.

viii. Pierre Balan (1008), born 1/1/1683 in Lauzon, Canada.

ix. Jeanne Balan, born 1688 in Canada.
4/27/1706 in Montmagny, Jeanne married 1010. Jean Baptiste Coulombe. [5 children.]

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