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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Joseph Godefroy Simard & Felicite Cote

228. Joseph Godefroy Simard & 229. Felicite Cote

10/26/1749, Godefroy born in Baie-St-Paul, Canada; s/o 456. Joseph Simard Lombrette & 457. Cecile Tremblay.

11/13/1752, Felicite born in Baie-St-Paul, Canada; d/o 458. Thomas Cote & 459. Genevieve Gagnon.

11/8/1773 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada, Godefroy married Felicite; both residents of the parish. [A dispensation of the 3rd degree was required.]

3/2/1778, Godefroy & Felicite both present at the baptism of their son Joseph. (S) PRDH #460313.

7/8/1784 in Baie St Paul, Godefroy & Felicite buried their 5 month old son Alexandre.

12/18/1835, Felicite, wife of Godefroy Simard Lombret, age 80, buried at Baie-St-Paul.

2/13/1838, Godefroy, cultivateur, age 91 and a widower, spouse of Felicite Cote, buried in Baie-St-Paul.

(S) PRDH: Marriage Record #216830; Family #49880, Deaths #782882, #782773.

Children of Godefroy and Felicite:

i. Thomas Simard, born 10/31/1774 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
6/18/1805 in Baie St Paul, Thomas married Ursule Desbien.
5/28/1811 in Baie St Paul, Thomas married Marie Josephte Poulin.

ii. Felicite Simard, born 7/12/1776 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada. [Died age 5.]

iii. Jean Baptiste Simard, born 1777 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.

iv. Joseph Simard (114), baptized 3/2/1778 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.

v. Jerome Simard, born 4/10/1779 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
10/9/1804, Jerome married marie Catherine Gauthier.
1/4/1856, Jerome died.

vi. Francois Simard, born 9/22/1782 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
11/24/1807 in Baie St Paul, Francois married Genevieve Bouchard; d/o Louis Michel & Marie Anne Fortin.

vii. Alexis Simard, born 7/22/1785 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
10/13/1812 in Baie St Paul, Alexis married Quirille Saulnier.
4/7/1862, Alexis, age 77, died.

viii. Anastasie Simard, born 10/19/1787 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
2/2/1808, Anastasie married Prosper Girard.

ix. Ulric Simard, born 5/14/1789 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
2/11/1817, Ulric married Olive Tremblay.
4/8/1883, Ulric died in St Urbain, Charlevoix.

x. Agnes Simard, born 1795 in Baie-St-Paul, Canada.
1/23/1815, Agnes married Abraham Boivin.
11/23/1828, Agens died in St Urbain, Charlevoix.

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