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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nicolas Bouchard & Marie Marguerite Brochu

242. Nicolas Bouchard & 243. Marie Marguerite Brochu

4/2/1756, Nicolas born in St Vallier, Canada; s/o 484. Pierre Bouchard & 485. Marie Ursule Agnes Roi.

3/3/1767, Marguerite born in St Vallier, Canada; d/o 486. Jean Baptiste Brochu & 487. Marie Agathe Roi.

11/21/1785 at St Vallier, Nicolas married Marguerite. Present at the wedding were his father Pierre, a “Captaine”, and her father Jean. A dispensation of the 3rd degree was required. All parents were named.

11/26/1798 in St Vallier, Nicolas attended the wedding of his cousin Paul Boutin; s/o 254. Jean Vallier Boutin & 255. Marie Madeleine Isabelle.

7/11/1843, Nicolas, age 88 and a cultivateur, died in St Vallier, Bellchasse, Quebec; buried 4 days later.

8/5/1843, Marguerite, age 77, died in St Vallier, Bellechasse.

(S) PRDH: Marriage #211526, Childrens’ births.

Children of Nicolas and Marquerite:

i. Nicolas Bouchard, born 5/1/1787 in St Vallier, Canada.

ii. Marguerite Bouchard, born 9/10/1788 in St Vallier, Canada.

iii. Pierre Bouchard, born 4/23/1790 in St Vallier, Canada.

iv. Etienne Bouchard, born 8/3/1793 in St Vallier, Canada.
2/5/1822, Etienne married Elisa Scarle.

v. Angele Bouchard (121), born 6/30/1795 in St-Vallier-de-Bellechase, Quebec, Canada.

vi. Jeremie Bouchard, born 11/21/1800, St Vallier, Canada.
2/7/1825 in St Pierre Riviere de Sud, Jeremie married Marie Anne Kerouac, d/o Joseph Lebrice Kerouac & Mary Louise Poire.

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